Difference in Cat and ASV MTL's?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by nedly05, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Digdeep

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    Well...at least you referenced the machine you had by the fact that it was a CAT dealer. You must have had either a MD2800/2810 or a MD70 since you mentioned an Isuzu engine. You are dragging machines from the late 90s and early 2000s through the mud. CAT dealers haven't sold ASV machines for years.
  2. MackCat

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    Doesn`t Matter a problem is a problem and in my eyes ASV will always be the same. I know guys with new PT100`S That have had nothing but problems and ASV doesn`t want to help them either so nothings changed
  3. mrsops

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    I know digdeep gets mad at me every time i say this but when i demoed that asv rc30 i thought it was built like a cheap piece of crap. But then again they have there place and digdeep has said that they steped up there game a bit.

    Also looks arent everything lol but those asv machines are so akward looking lol
  4. Caterkillar

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    Well I would have ANY ASV over a bobcat!

    I hate paying Cat's ridiculous prices, but they will have the ANY part in the morning.
  5. Digdeep

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    Look....I'm not trying to convince you (why bother), and I'm happy that you like your CAT...with an ASV designed undercarriage. I happen to think they make a decent machine (even though they got to get their chassis and arms made outside of the US so they basically only assemble their MTLs :rolleyes:) I guess if we look hard enough we could all find customers of brand "X" that had problems. Takeuchi's old TL26s were nightmares, but that doesn't mean they haven't improved their machines. They have, even though they've lost half fof their market share since 2006 (ASV has actually increased and they still hold the #3 spot).

    I think the guys at ASV must be thankful that NC doesn't make up the bulk of the CTL market otherwise they would never make it to their 28th year in business.

    mrsops..you don't piss me off, and I actually agree with you that ASVs machines lacked in fit and finish, but they have come along way since I bought my RC50 MackCat owned an old MD series machine. And I know you and I could look back at some old bobcat models and wonder how they have still stayed #1 in the world....constant evolution and improvement.
  6. mrsops

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    Sounds good :usflag:
  7. MackCat

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    The undercarriage is built by ASV to Caterpillars specifications hence the heavier axle seals and bearings. I got that straight from the factory, My salesman took me to the factory right here in good ole North Carolina
  8. Digdeep

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    I got a bridge for you up here in WI. I have seen the local CAT dealer grind off the ASV logo from the outboard bearing plate before and had them tell me that CAT owned ASV. Don't worry, I'm sure you're not the first person they told that to.

    ASV used that same undercarriage on the SR80 before CAT even introduced the C series. Other than the bolt pattern on the wheels, the bearings and metal face seals are the same. And CAT went to a drive motor/planetary combination because their 287/297s were too A$$ heavy to turn very well with just a drive motor. Other than that they are identical. Get me the part number of your bearings and seals and I will get you the ASV cross part number.
  9. nedly05

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    OK,so I have no question that they are both a great machine. I know how buying a faulty machine can leave a sour taste in your mouth, its happened to me too. I know the ASV machines are great in the mud and snow, which is what I need, but How will a 277C perform in the same conditions? Will the 277 climb in soft conditions, go through deep snow, and keep going in the mud? I cant believe there is too much difference. There arent the videos on you tube of the Cats as much as the ASV's, all of the ASV comparison vids dont have the Cat in it, which makes me think they must perform nearly the same.
  10. Junior M

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    The outside of the tank is guarded with metal correct? Atleast a decent plate of steel?

    If it isnt, I could see sticks and limbs and crap like that coming through the grapple and hitting the tank.. But I back off when things like that happen.. So in essense it wouldnt be a problem..

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