Difference in Cat and ASV MTL's?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by nedly05, Mar 3, 2010.

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    Nothing wrong with it, I spent 19 minutes tracking my excavator down a road, at a comfortable speed of 1.9 mp/h.
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    We have to walk our excavators long distances on a regular basis, we have to due to access issues with the truck and trailer.

    SOOOOO Anyways,

    Does anyone have experience with the RC100? How do they stack up with the 80 (dont tell me it has 20 more HP I already know that lol)

    things like:
    *breakout power
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    i just got my rc100 last fall, so i havent had a chance to run it much in the dirt. i was mainly using it with forks to move around cubes of brick at our church when we were re-doing the facade.

    when i first got it, i took at the back of our church where we have a tree filled area and i just played around in there testing the maneuverability and i was able to slalom through the trees pretty well. as long as your mentally aware of the size of the machine you should be fine. ill mostly be using this with harley rakes etc... for new seedings. and moving pallets of pavers/ret. wall block

    the only time i got to test traction was when i was using it to plow. i was really surprised how well it did on slick surfaces as well as in deeper snow as i was driving across the snow piles to stack the snow up more.

    no chance to test breakout power, but just looking at the specs of the machine for motor, hydraulics, and roc, and the fact that its a radius path design it should be pretty good. ill be buying a lo pro tooth bucket for any big dirt work. Ill be diggin a pit for a sand volleyball court this year and that should give it a good workout since we have a few inches of topsoil then alot of clay.

    keep an eye out for a later model 100, like an 08 or newer or pt series, there was some pretty substantial changes with regards to reliability. mine has full cab, heat/ac, hydraulic quick attach, 5 port aux hydros and 14 pin electrical, 2 speed and pilot controls. i will admit that working on anything on the back half of the motor is kind of a pain.
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    what happened with getting that sr80? anyways the rc100 , the thing will really surprise you one how well it will push, pushes like a D3 well not really but it feels like it :rolleyes: cabs a little roomier then the sr80 , the 100 as alittle more ass to it that u got to remember about, the undercarriage , the rollers are a little more covered up which is good in a way but makes cleaning a pain unless your hosing them off , the door is a swing out door if you get one with a EROPS, the RC100 has the same undercarriage as the CAT287B if your familiar with that
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    Stick Pro -- ah. I didn't want to start the machine to measure the clearance in the front, but that's really interesting. I'm wondering if there's a reason the machine doesn't sit flat.

    And yeah, it was roaded for around ten miles... I thought they would have a truck drop it off (that's what happened in the past), but apparently neither the fetchers nor the dealer provided one... lol
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    Its not out of the question, just trying to figure out whats going to be the best. I know a guy with a 100 and he told be to come over and check it out. I just want to get a sense of what both machines are like. Keeping my options open I guess. I would still prefer the machine I talked to you about, but I asked a bunch of questions about its past and didnt get any answers, I may just be reading into it but I got a weird feeling, I need to take some time and have a real phone convo. with the people.
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    These are pics we took last year going out to cut deer trails. It looks like it would be a stretch to measure 12" of ground clearance at least on this 297C. For reference, the middle bogies are 10" and they have to be sitting on almost 2" of track thickness. Maybe CAT increased ground clearance on the most recent macines.

    Fabco 297C.jpg

    Fabco 297C Deer.jpg
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    we have owned an SR80 for two years now and 800 hrs...best machine ever made.
    had a couple elec. issues inside the cab because asv installed the interior trim with 3 inch long screws that punctured the harness. it only effected the fuel gauge and AC, but it has been resolved.
    we got ours stuck just like the above picture when cleaning out a sediment trap that we thought was 12 inches deep but was almost 4 feet. the front doors ability to open into the cab let me get out of the front instead of ripping the back window out. It also lets you run the machine with the door open, on a Cat that is not an option. Look around at some used cats...lots of broken doors.

    the tracks still look new and all the rollers are in great shape. I see no reason why the undercarriage won't last over 2000 hours.

    as with any rubber track machine, they are not designed to twist and turn in the middle of gravel, crushed concrete or scrap metal. if your operators have some common sense you will love the posi track.

    if you do buy one get a bigger bucket, we use a 84 inch so when you push through a pile the material does not spill into the undercarriage.

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