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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by kakuenzli, Jul 26, 2004.

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    I have been looking into purchasing a 36 inch gear drive walk behind. I am still determining if I need a fixed deck or a floating deck since I am only a residential user. Next week I plan on demoing a Metro 36inch to determine if it scalps my yard. My question is this, what are main advantages/disadvantages between Exmark's walk behinds and Toro's walk behinds gear drive units? I know Toro owns Exmark, so are the differences great?
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    if you have a flat yard, no low or high spots, the fixed deck will be fine. if you have any of those spots, get the floating deck. the main difference between the two will be controls on the 36", i believe the fixed decks are identical. a friend has a toro proline 37 floating with that goofy T-bar steering and i can't stand using it. the ecs controls on exmark are nice and the traditional pistol grips work well also. exmark's mulching kit can't be beat, gives a bagged look without the hassle.
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    The fixed decks are almost identical other than the control system. We both offer a limited number of fixed deck pistol grip models and Toro also offers the T-bar while we offer the ECS control system.

    The floating deck gear drives are completely unique and the only shared componants would be the engine, transmission and possibly the tires. All other componants on the floating deck models are brand specific.

    Both of the fixed deck machines should offer you the best cut quality possible in a fixed deck mower. On the floating deck side of things I can't really speed for Toro but we get extremely good comments on the quality of cut of these units. Once you've determined if the fixed deck machines will perform to your satisfaction on your properties I would focus on the drive control systems. Most 36" units are used quite often as trim mowers which requires them to have very responsive controls to maneuver in very confined areas. That being said the ECS is pretty tough to beat in addition to being much more ergonomic than many designs available.


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    I have both floating deck eXmark & Toro Walks...The eXmark's are Much Better Units...Decks, Carrier Frames, Controls, Mulching ability, SD ability etc. etc...Huge Difference....eXmark Hands Down.

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