differences in decks from manufacturer to manufacturer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ScCo, Dec 10, 2003.

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    Being an idiot as I am, I'm just curious about what design aspects and performance aspects are different from decks that stripe well naturally in comparison to decks that don't. For example, the exmark UltraCut deck stripes quite nicely, and the grasshopper decks (midmounts) don't stripe although they do cut well. Other than deck pitch, what are the other factors that result in one deck striping and another not striping?

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    Some decks come with rollers across the back
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    some have baffles that follow the front edge of the blade. Some are just a big open square box. depths range from 4" to 6.5" I think.
    Look under the deck of a few and you will seee some differences. Try some different ones on the grass in your area and there will be some differences. When the going gets tough is when the differences really come out.
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    scco, is this a 61" hopper deck you are reffering to? my 52" mid mount grasshopper stripes very good. but the factory put a piece of thick reinforced rubber at the back of mine that hangs down a little bit. this was put there to keep clippings from building up around the rear of the mower badly. but it serves as a good striping tool though. check to see if yours is wore out or missing.
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    the grasshoppers I have used were 61" and 72". I don't have access to those machines anymore to verify whether or not the rubber strip along the back was contouring the grass to aid in striping or not. Both of those mower cut exceptionally well, just didn't stripe.

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