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    Hi guys...

    Still in college but this spring will be my second year in business and I want to start offering more pest/insect control services in addition to traditional turf stuff. I've taken several entomology classes so I have a pretty decent background in life cycles, morphology, etc. and have all the proper license categories (3B Turf, 3A Ornamentals, 7A Structural, 7E Biting Fly/Tick) My service area is the northern half of Maine.


    1. Can mosquito control/perimeter pest be combined as one app on a certain frequency schedule? Thinking of using a mist blower to treat tall grasses, brush, lower limbs of trees on the edges of a property. I feel like two separate apps for mosquitoes and then pests to the perimeter is unecessary??

    2. If a perimeter program is used, is there still merit in offering a separate foundation/entryway/directly around the house application? If so, what are the specific benefits to the foundation spray vs. perimeter app? Could just a Birchmeier backpack be used for this, as impervious surfaces will be the majority of surfaces being sprayed and high water volume not necessary?

    3. Would yet another separate app for tick control be warranted? Or, could it simply be done as part of the perimeter app by also spraying the entire turf area with the same Talstar, Transport, etc.?

    4. If treating the turf area for ticks, surface feeders, etc. would using a Z with say 1gal/K tips be sufficient volume wise?

    Any input is much appreciated!!

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    I'll take a stab at a few things you asked.

    Don't think the mister is going to work for general household pests. Need more carrier for ants fleas etc. your going to want to hose it down for surface crawling and subsurface insects

    You may get some mosquito control if your doing a blanket app of the talstar you mentioned if you spray perimeter shrubs and trees as well as under decks etc where mosquitoes hide during the day. So that would be in my opinion a better way to combine apps. With that said I would separate them into separate applications.

    As far as foundation and crack and crevice around doors and window being necessary if you do a blanket app on a lawn, remember flying insects are going to fly right over your lawn app. Budding ant swarms, flying roaches, flies, wasps, all can fly over your lawn app so yes the foundation crack and crevice around doors and windows is still needed IMO.

    1 gal per thousand isn't enough in my opinion for fleas and ticks or even ants unless you irrigate immediately after

    I'm sure others will have other thoughts, good luck in figuring out what works FOR YOU.

    By the way who you treating in northern Maine? Too cold there for moose never mind humans :)
  3. Northern Turf Man

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    Thanks for the info. What would you suggest as sufficient water volume for apps to turf?

    We definitely don't have as much insect pressure as more southern areas, but ants are still a major nuisance and mosquitoes and black flies are considered the Maine state birds:laugh:, especially up north with all of the forested areas.
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    One advantage to a Mist Blower is application to the UNDER SIDE of leafs where Mosquitoes hide. Mosquitoes can't survive drying out and have a very short flight pattern. Therefore Mosquito hide during the heat or dry part of the day and are more active both Morning and Night.

    I will agree with Fl-landscape about blanket sprays of Talstar/etc. Because of our heavy insect pressure, I believe in 5 gallon of carrier per thousand and go 10 gallon on Fleas Ticks and heavy infestation.

    You might want to research installing Mosquito Mist systems. Here in Florida you need a Structural & Mosquito License to install and service them. We also have excellent mosquito control provided by the County. Therefore there isn't a big market for them in my area. With Limes Disease an issue in your world, you might have a winner. There is both Profit on installation and Reoccurring revenue for serving them.

  5. fl-landscapes

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    Yes we would be the mosquito capital of the world if we weren't the mosquito spray capital of the world. I would say mosquito control is one of the few things government seems to do well. They do it so well I agree misting systems probably not a big market here, but I bet they could be there.
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    I agree with your idea, Northern. Do both mosquitoes and perimeter around the house at the same trip with the backpack mist blower. Lots of houses have heavy plantings around the house that harbor tons of mosquitoes. Charge the customer for both--and then--give them $20 off, as you save a trip. And the backpack mist blower is probably sufficient for most ticks and surface insects in the turf, also. Naturally, you want to put plenty of air pressure into the turf to drive the chemical down deep into the grass. OK if you walk the lawn with a swath width of six feet and aim the nozzle mostly down. If your blower produces a wind of about 100 mph--it should get the chemical deep into the grass--at least as good as water-based solutions.
    Of course, you will have to find a chemical or combination that is suitable for all the different kinds of insect pests that need control, (and maybe a few spiders).
  7. fl-landscapes

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    Except he said ants were a problem. Not getting them with a mister I don't care how fast it blows. One word, thatch.
  8. fl-landscapes

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    The z you mentioned would be far better for the turf than the mister. Has to be nearly impossible to apply evenly labeled rates of talstar for ants to turf per thousand with a mister, never mind the time it would take. twice as much time twice as bad calibration.
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    PM sent, if you want to give me a call. We do a ton of mosquito and tick control. I have a dedicated crew thats all they do..
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    I posted a long post but decided to decline

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