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  1. Steve

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    I look at where I am with my business and while I'm doing good, I'm not exactly happy where I am. I look at the majority of my customers and what I do and I am more of a mow & blow type of guy, and I want to get out of that but at the same time I will really slow my growth if I only accept full service.

    Do you offer different levels of service? what does your pricing structure and types of service look like?
  2. MowDaddy

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    With a total of 168 hours in a week.
    Subtract 56 hrs hours for sleep.
    And 14 hrs for poo time and eating.
    Equals 70 hrs non work hours.
    At maximum a solo person can work approx 98 hrs per week.
    So basically sleep, eat, poo, work.
    Not great for a family man.
    Adding more services or employee?
    Employees compound your income.
    If you have the work for them.

    Example: yesterday Mon.
    We grossed $1609.
    I personally mowed 3.5 hrs.
    I worked on a trailer, I spent time at new shop cleaning, worked on a bid and did paper work.
    Labor cost yesterday was $472.50.
    Labor included work comp, taxes, unemployment insurance.
    Now add in fuel, gl insurance, maintenance, depreciation of equipment etc.
    I still clear $800 per day.
    You can not do that solo.
    You absolutely need to have employees if you want to grow beyond a well paying job.
  3. MattCurbAppeal

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    I mow however they want me to mow. If they ask me to bag the yard I charge them a haul off fee and bag their yard. Fact is, most of your customers are going to be people just trying to avoid a city ordinance ticket. This is your bread and butter. The 30-minute mow and go lawns. Try and fill your schedule with these. If they have hedges, offer to do them for $5 more or something. But I would never turn down a yard just because they didn't want me to spend more time on it. Offer the services and let them choose what they want.
  4. Keith4216

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    I mow Mon-Thu and do the landscape extras Fri& Sat. So anyone wanting anything more then the normal mow gets the appreite time scheduled on those days.
  5. Love the Green Biz

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    If you have the skill try up selling expensive add-ons like LED landscape lighting, irrigation repairs and plantings. These projects can be scheduled when you have time in your schedule and the profit on them will blow away straight up mowing. There are all manner of instructional videos and books out there for you to gain the knowledge to step up your game.
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  6. MowDaddy

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    So you make 2 trips to Ma Kettles ?
    If we're already on site and have the time to trim some bushes, we'll do it then. Otherwise we schedule it in for our next visit. I avoid making special trips to do extras.
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  7. Keith4216

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    I don't have time on mow days if it's going to be anymore then an extra 10 minutes. My property's don't usually need a bush trimmed. They need all the bushes done so I make that a separate day but I get what your saying.
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  8. BigJlittleC

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    I did when starting out. As time has past the mow onlys have purged themselves. I do offer different service packages. My goal is to make at minimum $2k per client per season. Most city lots fall in the $200-$300 a mo the range for full service lawn care. Garden maintenance adds a bit to that of they choose those options.
  9. Matthews Lawn Care

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    Yeah so what I’ve noticed is a lot of people want to choose their services as opposed to the choices being chose for them like the traditional full service. So what I did was built a service list and pricing for an across the board customer base. Anyone at anytime can get any of these services and the prices are set. Now if it’s an existing customer, I offer them a small discount if they want that service regularly, if not, then they pay the set price. If I can do it on their normal mow/service day, they can avoid a trip charge.

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