Different looking Species (picea glauca conica)

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by guntruck, Jul 27, 2001.

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    On my earlier post of dying spruces, i failed to mention one more question i have had. When i arrived at the location with the dwarf spruces they seemed to look a bit different than the two mature ones already there. I ignored it then started to work, while working the homeowner came out and said , are they the same shrubs? I assured him they were the same and showed him the species tags on the shrubs themselves. Well now that they are croaking i will eventually be replacing them and he states he wants his to look identical to the new ones. Now i get my stock from SHemin nurseries and i have not a problem 1 here to date but cant figure out why these spruces look different than all hte others ive seen. I thought maybe they need to mature a little because there only 3 gal. but i have seen smaller ones that look the same as my clients so i know thats not it. The ones that i put in look a little lighter green and the needles even look a little different. They dont have the kind of bluish tint to them that most have. Any ideas guys? Am i crazy? Thanks =)
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    No, your not crazy.........yet:)

    I would say it is just a supplier problem. Who knows where they came from.

    Could of been grown in a field with different soil conditions, could of been grown in part shade, could of been fertilized different, could of been stored in a shady place at the garden center, could of been next to the spot where all the laborers at the growers take a leak everyday, could of been acid rain, could of been smog, could of been.........you get the drift here.

    On a serious note, there are different varieties. I believe one is called 'fat boy', which like the name says, grows more out than up. With all the different alterations being made these days to plants, who knows what it is exactly. Tags really are meaningless sometimes.

    Also, I have seen abertas transform into more of a 'true spuce' over time. They look funny, as the tree looks fine but then one branch has the structure of a norway or colorado blue in one spot.

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    Cant help ya there!!! Ive never seen a diffrent looking dwarf alberta spruce!
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    What causes that steve? I am started to see this more and more often! I have a customer with a "weeping cherry". the bottom is weeping but the top half is a standard upright cherry. I have also seen a grafted blue montgomery with a limb of weeping spruce coming out of the trunk. These mutations are very interesting! This is a perfect example why they shouldnt start cloning humans. science is weird sometimes!
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    What you are seeing is the rootstock sending out suckers. The cultivar of the species will often have weak root systems, therefore they graft the cultivar onto a native strong rootstock.

    When the rootstock sends out suckers it is a bad sign. This often means the tree is dieing. Graft inocompatability is often fatal, the rootstock is growing faster than the cultivar, or vice-versa.

    Jim L
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    Thanks guys, i'll just look at another suplier this go around. At least i know im not nutz =).


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