Different phone numbers on the truck?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by racer56, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. racer56

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    We moved into an area that has several towns close together (35miles) and I would like to work in each area a few days a week. Problem I have is have of the area use a different area codes. It's not that folks won't see the one listed that is local for them but does that look funny to have 2 different numbers on the trucks? I know some guys just use an 800 number but I also have heard some folks don't use the 800 number and just move onto someone else. I guess they think they are a chain deal or something and want to have someone local to count on. I have tried to get a number that is the same for the 2 area codes but no luck even after offering a good chunk of money. Any other ideas?
  2. dwlah

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    May want to try something like this on your sign

    205 xxx xxxx
    256 xxx xxxx

    Those that live in the area(your target customers) will call the number that works for them

    When I lived in Atl I saw alot of company trucks with multiple phone numbers on them when they had to go to 10 digit dialing
  3. GravelyNut

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    Not unusual for around here. You can have two different Area Codes in the same house. ( 305 ) and ( 786 ) We see trucks with both all the time. Ask the phone company to put you on a list to get the number you want in the other area so when it opens up, you can get it.
  4. bigtex

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    two numbers are fine, anyone who recognizes the area codes are the only ones you'll be wanting to reach
  5. racer56

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    The 2 number thing is more a point of looking local to each area. Folks might not want to do business with a company loccated 35 miles away with all the other true local companies around. Our new area here presonts a few different things like this that we have never had to deal with before. I've not seen a single other conpany have more than one number on them around here or there. I was just going to get a p.o. box of some kind in each area but that is a different post.
    Having the 2 numbers also limits the sze of lettering and placement as well on our dakota.
  6. flakebortch

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    You could leave room in the truck logo, a blank space for the phone #. Get 2 magnetic signs, each with a different #, and slap on the appropriate sign for the area you're in at that time. You can get magnetic signs that are perfect dimensions for phone numbers.
    Otherwise, it seems that the folks that live in this border area would be aware of and familiar with the neighboring area code.
  7. AI Inc

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    Its not a big deal, eastern mass has 6 different area codes. I work on the state line with a mass # and a NH # both ending in 7375
  8. mslawn

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