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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by sprinkler guy, Jan 12, 2011.

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    I recently switched a handful of G4 based bi-pins for a customer in some puck lights from halogen to LED. The color is great, less power, etc.,etc...
    However, the pins are a hair smaller than the original halogen pins, and some of the lamps are loose enough that tapping the fixture causes a couple of them to blink on and off. I tried some socket grease, but it didn't help. My next move was going to be a dab of silicone on the back of the LED board to hold it in place. Anyone have any better ideas?
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    Can you get a small scredriver into the socket behind the contact ad tighten it back up? If not, maybe a coating of solder on the pins to add a little bulk to them, or you can bend them in opposit directions just enough so that they will put some spring type pressure on the socket from either side.
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    I think the real issue here is the prevalence of what is a "universal" bi-pin socket. These are sockets that are supposed to accept both G4 and G5.3 bi-pin lamps. It sounds like a good idea, but in practise these sockets rarely make a good connection with the smaller, and relatively narrow spaced G4 pins. Also, if you have ever installed a G5.3 lamp into these universal sockets the springs and paddles will spread and you will never get a decent connection with a G4 lamp after that.

    Solutions include replacing the socket with a quality unit that will accept the lamps you want to use. You can find quality sockets designed specifically for the G4 BiPin Lamp.

    Or, you can open up the existing socket to reveal the inner spring/paddle assembly and push the G4 pins into the socket such that a proper connection is made. Be sure to use a quality di-electric compound such as Novaguard or Truk-lite to protect the socket from moisture issues.

    Or, you can start to use G5.3 bi-pin lamps instead. The pins are thicker and spaced further apart and seem to cause fewer problems with the sockets they are installed into. Fewer low-wattage lamp options in G5.3 though.

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