Different system in cooling hydro pumps ??

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    I live in the central FL area. When looking at the the Ferris and Everride 60" ZTR's I noticed that those manufactures decided to put cooling fans directly over the hydro pumps verses running an external fluid radiator/cooler with a cooling fan such as on the Hustler Super Z.

    Why in my area would the Hustler setup/system be superior to the others mentioned?

    Also, come mid July thru Sept just about everyone complains about the reduced quality of cut since the St. Augustine grass grow faster than we can cut it. In order to try to maintain that cut quality we are forced to slow down in the middle of our summer heat and humidity. I just hate that!!

    What would the new XR-7 deck do for me in this situation?

    Anyone care to comment??
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    We actually use both, if you look under the hydro pumps,you will see a pulley / fan set up.
    We use that in conjunction with the hydro cooler / radiator with a electric fan to keep the system as cool as possible.
    Also note, that the units you are comparing to are not running 21cc pumps, they are running 10cc and 16 cc in most cases.
    We are running larger / better pumps and wheel motors for additional ground speed.

    The XR-7 was largely in part designed to perform in your area of the country, but also is adjustable to perform in all conditions in different parts of the country also.
    You can actually adjust the blades lower in the deck to allow for the longer harder to cut St. Augustine to get in the deck easier and cut faster.
    Also having a very wide discharge opening and new baffle design in the rear of the deck (Free Flow Triangles) allows for this grass to go through the deck a lot quicker than others.


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