different tax rates causes 3% up charge. New person quotes wrong shipping price

Discussion in 'Business Management' started by gusbuster, Sep 18, 2018.

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    A little off topic, but i know that i'm not the only one that may buy parts from a national wholesale place such as Ewing, SiteOne, Central Rain....

    I get that tax rates can vary from state, county and city levels. Gotta love that. I noticed that this one company that i use for my sod purchases charges a 3% more fee, not for using a credit card, but because each county in CA has a different tax rate. I don't know why they cant get a single software. Heck, wal mart...target exct operate in different cities....so why can't they pay the right rate....

    Then the other screw up....I got charged the wrong shipping charge. I even asked the sales rep that if she was sure she was charging me the correct rate since based on my calculations it was about $20 more. They come to call me with a delivery time.....oh our sales rep charged you the wrong delivery fee....She first did offer to honor the original quote....but I told her that " i did ask your sales rep if she was charging me the right shipping charge and she said yes....so I did tell the rep that i expected them to honor the price since i did the ethical thing and asked if what i was quoted the right price.

    What the problem is all these companies are consolidating but they are not putting out the i.t. stuff they need. Heck, all it is a line item for tax percentage. It's no changing that fast. Also, if you are going to merge call centers, it doesn't matter but hell use google maps to find location and type "what county is this city in"
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    I believe that causes cancer in California though !
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    You act surprised …. how long have you lived in CA ? What do you expect..?? Surprised you can even make a profit there.. San Fran … ya Feinstein still gets paid fom there when she was a mayor … work 10 years and get a pension from San Fran … so you have to pay for that . I think VA is the same … state tax, county tax, city tax... after paying all the taxes maybe you can pay yourself a salary ??

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