Different truck for resi and commercial?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by sticklelm, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. sticklelm

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    Im at the point where im disgusted by the amount of costs it takes for me to transport all my equipment in my enclosed trailer where ive thought about selling the trailer all together or only using it for commercial jobs where it just sits and having another rig for smaller residential routes that gets better mileage. what kind of set ups do yall use to minimize fuel costs and maximize efficiency?
  2. Chris_NC06

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    You could run a Ranger/Tacoma/Colorado with a landscape bed.
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  3. Chilehead

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    My setup: Ford Ranger, 5 x 8 open trailer with landscape box, 48" walk-behind, 21" walk-behind, and a bunch of small equipment. I am solo for now, but this is plenty for a two-man crew, and damn efficient. I also fabricated some walls made out of plywood for my Ranger, and another set for my trailer. The Ranger can hold 3 yards of material, and the trailer can hold 6 when using the walls. BTW, my Ranger was purchased new in 2000 and now it has 313,000-plus miles. They are very reliable.
  4. S-205

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    I find myself using my Tacoma and 6x12 a fair amount, in comparison to my cummins and enclosed. It's still capable of hauling a rider, wb and a 21 also

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