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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jeremiah Dyke, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Jeremiah Dyke

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    Let me runs some ideas by you and get your feedback. Most of my marketing is door hangers, postcards, craigslist, etc. I've been thinking about sponsoring a little league team or midget football team. Has anyone experienced with this? What's the costs?

    Another idea is to sponsor a local MMA fighter. MMA is huge where i live, and the gym i used to train at has their own fight team. I was thinking about sponsoring one of them if they would wear my t-shirt or logo on their shorts. Thoughts?
  2. 2ndNature

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    I would pass on all the gimmick marketing. Go door to door. Highest success rate and costs nothing but your time. And if you aren't to full mowing capcity then you have the time.

    IMO- the old marketing strategies no longer work for most companies in today's world. Especially small companies.

    I bet in the time it takes you to arrnage sponsorship, or create flyers and have them mailed, or do door hangers,.....you could get at least 5 accounts by ringing the doorbell of the neighbors of customers you already have.

    Anyhow, most of the flyers and door hangers I see are a waste. The look amateurish. They don't have a "hook" to get the customer to call. They are ambiguous. Or, they lead with low price.

    Put on a nice professional outfit and spend 2 Saturdays going door to door in neighborhoods you currently do business it.

    Or plan B, do what others do and market around a lowball price and try to upsell.
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    Two words, GOOGLE ADWORDS. This is the single best way to run a business, and you can get it off the ground fast too. I get calls all the time because of my listing on the internet. Never had any luck with hangers and I'm not much on the cold calling thing or walking up to someones house unless its near a current customer - I do admire you guys that can do that.

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