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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by LP, May 23, 2002.

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    I have a toro 72 in. with a 26 kohler fuel injected, recently after running it for straight periods over 30 min. it starts to missing and the engine shuts off, it fires right back up but when you cut the pto on it starts to drowning out and shuts off again. If you let it set for about an hour, you can get back on it and run it for 30 min. and the problem is back again, I would also like to add when we start using it in the morning after setting up all night it shows no symptoms till hours of cutting time. Its still under warranty and i spoke with a mechanic and he said water in the gas, but it does not sound right to me. Can any one out there help?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. khouse

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    how old is the unit? how many hours on it? when it starts to act up loosen the fuel cap so it can dray some air. it may be as simple as a bad cap vent. as the mechanic said it could be water. dump the tanks and change the fuel filter if it's not a vent problem. post back with your findings and we can help you some more.
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    It's funny you said that about the vent problem, just recently replaced the gas caps and because they were just like the ones on my chev. z-71, i just picked them up from auto-zone, but i thought of that too and when it began to do it i took the cap off to see if it would smooth out but it did not work. The machine is 8 months old with 200 hours.
    Thanks for your responce
  4. Jason Pallas

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    I agree = it's either a venting problem or a fuel filter that's dirty/clogged. Good luck.

    BIG CICERO LawnSite Member
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    I would actually disagree that the your problem is fuel related. If the machine is only causing you problems when it is warm then why wouldnt water in your gas cause you problems when cold? That does not make any sense.

    The EFI engines use an electronic fuel pump that has had a history of failure. I would imagine that you have an electrical problem that shows up as the machine heats up. When your machine dies and will not restart you need to check a few basics such as spark and fuel supply from the fuel pump. If your problem seems to be an ignition problem then be sure to isolate the wiring harness of the machine from the engine. Unfortunately the new EFI engines require software to acurately diagnose some problems. Also if you read your owners manual the onboard computer should give you some alert codes as to the possible nature of the failure.
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    Big Cecero,
    The thing that puzzels me is that he says it fires right back up. These intermittant problems can be tough. It's much easier to find the problem when the unit is dead. I would still drain the tank and change the fuel filter to eliminate that part. It's cheaper too.
  7. captdevo

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    i had an efi do this.

    i found a wire had pushed through the back side of a plug connector.

    check your plug connectors and make sure the pins are aligned and not pushing through.

    also, clean all your ground wires.
  8. Richard Martin

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    Anythime I run into an engine that wants to die or does die after it gets hot the first thing I check is/are the coil(s). If you have 2 coils and one of them is going bad it would do exactly what you are describing. Chances are you could pull one of the spark plug wires and not notice a difference in the way it runs.
  9. LP

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    Carried it in and both fuel filters were clogged, tanks had both water and light sluge. I was thinking alot like others wondering why it would fire right back up and when it cooled off would run good for 30 more min., but i actually saw them take the filters off and one could not be blown thru and was filled with sluge. Im very thankful for this site and all who took time to give me councel in my time of need!
    Thank you all very much!

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