Dig-It towable backhoe


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Anyone have experience with these? Ive been in the market for a backhoe for my L3130 Kubota and had all but made up my mind that a LTB combo was the way to go, then I see one of these on Ebay and I start thinking about how easy it would be to setup, and move around a jobsite. I know its fairly light weight and will be pulled around by the bucket alot but it also looks like you could dig, move, dig, move, dig, move without leaving the seat, a big time saver. Then on tougher jobs where Im not moving as often, I could leave the vehicle or tractor hooked to it so it doesnt get pulled into the hole. Lets hear some more advantages and disadvantages such as less wear on the tractor, another piece of equipment to maintain and so forth. Im just starting into the business so some words from the wise would be good. This will be used for footers, trenching, planting trees, stump digging, opening septic tanks etc.


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I have a Kubota tractor loader backhoe and to me it's the only way to go for an all in one digger. You can dig and move dig and move with a backhoe just like you would with that from the back seat. Just lift your rear end up and the front bucket and push yourself forward with the hoe. That looks like it's probobly comparable in price to a Kubota or Bradco unit for the back of your Kubota but personally from my Kubota experience you'd be better off throwing a hoe on your tractor. Mine is a frame mount and I can take it off in under 5 minutes and put it on in under 8. You aren't going to be able to take your truck to everywhere you are going to be digging so you are going to be dragging that across the customers yard with the bucket who knows how far. That could be a long trip and you might get dirty looks. I'd stick to a hoe for your tractor. I didn't notice what motor was on that pug but running a briggs at full throttle for 40 hours a week would probobly cost you at least twice as much as running your kubota at 3/4 throttle with a hoe. Make your own decision but theres my thoughts, Ted


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What kind of hoe do you have? Im undecided on which one I want. I want to stay with Kubota. They make two different hoes for my tractor, the BL4690B which is a 3PH mount with its own pump and the BH90 which is frame mount using tractor hydraulics. I dont like the idea of having to remove and replace the 3PH arms everytime I use the BH and I do like the idea of the hoe having its own selfcontained hydraulics. I think Woods and Bradco make subframe BHs that you can leave the 3PH arms on but they look like they really effect ground clearance to the point that it may be difficult to load the tractor onto my trailer. What do you have and hows it working for you?