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SlimJim Z71

LawnSite Senior Member
Hey... I remember you saying that you're in the sweeping business. What kind of equipment are you using? I'm just starting out. I'm currently using a broomer... but I'm looking into getting a Schwarze 348-I as well as another truck to plow with during the winter. I'd be interested in any advice you've got to give out...



LawnSite Senior Member
I have eight sweepers of one kind or another.
1 skidsteer broom

1 sweepster rear mounted broom

2 skidsteer pickup sweepers
1 MB
1 Sweepster

1 Applied Sweeper Green Machine

1 86 Tymco 350 regenerative air with suction hose,dual brooms,dual steer,mounted on Ford F700 w auto

1 95 Elgin Eagle broom mounted on Ford Forward control auto,dual steer, dual broom,capable of loading full height tandems.

1 98 Nitehawk,mounted on Chevy W4 chassis,with 350ci single broom single steer,with suction hose.

The reason we chose the Nitehawk is because it is a Hydro system so there is no second motor to maintain.It does not pickup dirt and sand as well as two engine machines but for picking up parking lot papers it works fine.The fact that my guys do not have to start a little Kubota when they go out on cold night wards of alot of problems.But I say again you do sacrifice performance.I have only been doing this about 5yrs so my first hand knowlage of the performance of a vast number of sweepers is limited.I have heard from alot of people that Schwarzes are very good machine but also very expensive.Tymco is also right up there as well, my 350 works great but the dumping system sucks in epic purportions.Our large Elgin is used more for a street sweeping contract we have with our city,they have their own air machine, we do the heavy broom sweeping.We also do other small communities as needed.
If you a seriously looking for a sweeper you need to get a magazine called the used sweeper news letter it has hordes of used sweepers and ads from new equipment dealers.
There are some new entries in to the small sweeper market by companies that have been predominantly large machine producers. Johnston for one now makes a parking lot air machine and also a company called broom bear makes what they call the broom cub,Broom Bear is owned by Elgin,but their engineering departments are suppose to be seperate. The broom bear for one is a large completely hydro machine with no aux motor,but they haven't made the step with the cub,it is set up like every other sweeper on the market.I'm hoping they with give the small hydro machine a shot,the trick seems to be how to keep the flo up and the truck speed down without burning up brakes.Our night hawk does it with a pump with swash plates and it works fairly well.
If you are really serious about sweeping you need to get to a Pavement show sponsered by another good magizine called oddly Pavement magazine.They have a web site as does used sweeper news letter I don't have them here at home but they shouldn't be hard to find ,if you can't I'll get them for you. I could go on but I'll stop here.



LawnSite Senior Member
Ok here they are http://www.sweepermarket.com then schwarze puts out its own magazine called american sweeper and there web site is http://www.schwarze.com and they also have a used sweeper page on their site.Pavement magazine doesnt have their web site shown anywhere I can find on their magazine but their subscription phone number is 920 563 1745 . Also I was looking and the National Pavement Expo is in Kentucky Jan 26-29, you might want to check that out.Pavement Magazine also does alot of snow stuff and I noticed that there will be a snow removal round table.For sure you need to get a hold of the first mag I listed.