Digging a hole for a trampoline? with a skid

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by IHI, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. IHI

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    One of my customers will be wanting me to dig a hole so they can have their kids trampoline lower/flush to the ground. I think they want the tramp flush with the current sod. So, is it possible to use a skid and do it efficeintly? If so, which is the easiest way to approach this?
  2. ksss

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    I have dug many a tramp hole. Not one with a skid steer. I have used back hoe attachments, but the mini ex. is the best way. The more reach the better. A few hints. Select a flat piece of ground. I then take the tramp ring (remove the fabric or better yet have the customer do that). Paint the circle on the ground (hopefully it is not an octagonal shaped tramp). with the aid of the tramp frame. Measure the length of the legs and set your laser for that depth (around 33") hog out the circle. You or they will want to have a plan for preventing the soil from eroding into the hole, which it will do over time unless you retain it (variety of methods). I set the ring in the hole and check for fit and finish. You want to cut the hole as tight as possible to the ring. Gaps between the edge of the hole and the tramp ring tends to catch legs causing them to break.
  3. Scag48

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    Is that where you throw deceased hookers?

    I kid, I kid! Sorry, couldn't resist!
  4. ksss

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    No, those I throw in the back of Audi's heading to WA.
  5. Scag48

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    Hahaha, a real joker you are. When are we going to have a PNW get together? The Case backhoe rodeo? Dirty Water is actually about 25-30 minutes from my current location now, just haven't seen him online lately.

    Alright, back to the topic at hand. A mini ex seems to be the only reasonable option of digging this hole, pretty much impossible with a skid steer.
  6. RockSet N' Grade

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    We dig a bunch of tramp holes around here. They are typically a 14' or 16' sized tramp. I pound a stick at the center and either spray paint a radius of 7' or 8' and dig on the inside of the paint line. Dig the hole down to proper depth using a laser. We usually dig it 6" to 8" deeper and add a 3/4" minus gravel base to help with any water and it makes it easier for final leveling. For outside dirt wall retention we use a metal galvanized ring that is made specifically for tramp pits. Never done one with a skid. I don't think a skid would work. Mini-hoe's work good for tramps. (Scag should have a good time with that little sentence...... :) )
  7. Dirty Water

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    A skid would create an enormous swale in the process of trying to dig that hole.

    At first I thought you were talking about the trampoline legs, then I realized you meant human legs, and that made me chuckle.
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    Scag, I was planning on coming out that way for the RB auction in Olympia at the end of the month. Looks like I have to go to ND instead that week. I will let you know when I head out that way again. I usuallly catch the Olympia sale at least once during the year.
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    having the word Gap, Hole and Tramp all in the same sentence and no sensoring going on. we must be talking shop...

    Need to find some way to keep out the critters. i woudl imagine that pus sy cats would live to hang under the tramp and leave behind a stinking mess if they got stuck in the hole...:)
  10. IHI

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    THanks for the input. I was hoping to add to the list of jobs I would get with my skid when I buy it. But it looks like I would need to rent an mini-ex instead. Could I at least dig/clear 88% of it with a skid and the remaining done by hired hands?

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