digging a pond

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by cutbetterthanyou, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. cutbetterthanyou

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    iI see what youre saying but in the winter months my time is worth nothing that is when i would like to fool with it
  2. P.Services

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    plenty practical. 3 days if your slow and digging is hard 2 days if you work sun up to after dark and get er done.

    the most important thing will be your bucket choice. you want a 36" digging bucket, some would say its big but it will load fast and keep the machine right on the edge of its limits.
  3. swim

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    My skid steer is 50 hp with about a half yard bucket. Five foot wide.
    It is a smooth bucket without teeth( I will get a 4in1 with teeth when I get the funds). I only had to use the backhoe ( a bradco 609 that can dig almost 10 feet deep) for about 6 to 8 hours, in some really hard clay and rock areas.
    I had no experience with it before starting the pond and was using it as some set time to learn.
    I am learning different ways to be more productive as I go.
    One of the best things for digging was to use the weight of the machine going down a good slope into the pond to dig much faster.
    It was allot of trips around the pond and over the dam to move the dirt, but as I said before it is incredible compared to my shovel.
    I hope to get some more practice as spring gets here.
  4. cutbetterthanyou

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    I think what you are saying will be practical for my needs. My biggest cocern was that the machine was to small for the job. By talking to you it seem do able.
  5. Scag48

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    You're right, an 8 would be overkill, but you get my point. My thought was going the dozer route, not so much going for an 8. I was trying to be sarcastic and realistic at the same time, didn't quite work in my favor. You're right, an 8 could hog the thing out in not much time at all and grade the spoils out in a day's time, 2 days worth of rental/playtime for someone who has to run through the learning curve.

    Legitimately, a D4 with a good operator could bail that pond and grade out the spoils in less than 2 days. The advantage of using a dozer vs. truck and mini is that you don't have a whole wad of unsightly dump piles to knock down later if you plan on leaving the spoils onsite. You can hog the pond and contour the spoils while you're at it with a dozer.
  6. YellowDogSVC

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    spellcheck, pLEASe:hammerhead:
  7. P.Services

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    oh yeah no doubt im with you, a dozer would be a heck of a lot faster and easier. But im looking at it from my point of view because im also in the same boat. I keep renting big excavators, dozers, and loaders and just piss money into the wind. Yeah i get the projects done fast but im not really on a time crunch in the first place. Im to the point i would rather just buy a mini like a 50d and get the projects done slower but be able to make money with the machine in many other areas of the biz. Im just to spoiled at this point and i get all cranky if a dirt project takes more then a day, i hate moving dirt for 5 days with my skid when i know a wheel loader could do it in 5 hours. I just hate doing shet like that, but in this economy i just have to suck it up and buckle down because running my machine that is owned and paid for is what makes me money. Not running to cat like a quiter every time to rent a machine and pay out thousands.
  8. stuvecorp

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    I have a mini but there is no way I would waste the time to dig a pond that size. I'd rent a 160-210 size excavator and a truck or two and be done with it and spend the next day straighting everything out. You would have $1,000 in the excavator and $500-750 in trucking.
  9. wanabe

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    If you know so much then tell me why a pan wil not dig a 50 x 75 foot hole? They do it every day arround here. Take 30 yards a time and get done with the project. Or you could get a spoon from your moms kitchen and use a tonka truck and spend 10 years. Its up to you, I just dont have time to screw arround forever working on my own non paying projects. I would rather get it done and get back to working for customers. I guess if you don't have much work then your idea is just fine. And by they way, where does it say that he is placing this pond in a tight area? Oh wait, that was your guess! So now im a idiot because you can sit home and "guess"!
  10. Bleed Green

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    Wouldn't it be pretty costly to rent a big scraper tractor and two pans though. Even though it would get it done faster than an mini ex and a truck wouldn't it cost more in trucking and everything to get the big machines to the job? Plus he wouldn't be able to use a scraper and pans later in his company I think was the point that P services was trying to make.

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