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    he said he has all the time in the world in the winter to do it. Time is not the problem. Investing the mother effeing money in a way that can simultaneously dig his pond and benifit his company is the iSSUE!!!!!!!!!! god i hate this site.

    have you ever run a scrapper? seriously? im not even going to explain why a 75 foot long hole 15 feet deep at one end would be a royal pain in the a$$ to dig with a rig thats about 75 feet long.

    i guessed its in a tight spot because his dimensions are rather small for a pond. every one usually wants the biggest pond they can have. Digging a 300 by 300 pond with a scrapper is more like it.

    some times a machine is just to big and cumbersome to work efficiently. Just like using a d8, but a tractor and 2 pans would be a waste. One pan maybe.
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    these guys just run there mouth. They have never seen a bill to move a machine that big, fuel a machine that big and run a machine that big.

    its just not a rational idea. plain and simple.
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    I gotta give you credit for giving it hell with what you got. It's all about time, when it really comes down to it. Whether you're doing a project for yourself or have been hired by someone, if you can get the job done on time and on budget with a smaller machine, more power to you. Figuring out where those lines cross at various points is a strategy within itself.

    Realistically, if the guy was to buy anything for this project it would be a skid steer. $10K buys very little in the way of "decent" equipment outside of a skid steer. Possibly a backhoe but you'd have to find just the right one and a $10K mini is either going to be a teenie weenie little guy or straight junk. I think if he found himself an older Case 1840 or Bobcat 763 or 863 for $10K, jammed a tooth bucket on there and had few open weekends during the winter, he could get it done.
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    i wasnt even thinking buying a machine for 10k. you need 20k to get a good sized mini or ctl/ssl. if you cant afford it go rent a 450 dozer for 700 bucks, haul it yourself and 200 in fuel and keep your money.

    wana buy a nice 332 ctl? i will sell it to you for 20k and it will dig that pond in a hurry.
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    Well he said $10K, that's why I kinda threw out the purchasing option from the get-go and advised the rental route. $10K doesn't buy a very large or well kept machine, even in these times.
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    The things that you can find to do with it are endless. You will wonder how you got by without it.
    My time is getting very short, with the grass starting to grow here, but I already have a huge list of projects for it next winter when things slow down again.
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    Oh I never seen the bill to move something on a lowboy? Its $140 per hour. I just had it done again 2 months ago! And guess what, I wrote the check just like I always do. But hey, you said I have no idea. Next, most people with a brain know that its alot easier to just drive the tractor and the 2 pans to the job site rather than haul them. I have seen them going 50 + miles down the road to get to the next job. And don't even try to tell me about the fuel bill. My father in law who I work with has a steiger so I know all about the fuel and what they burn. You wonder why your CTL is trashed but you would rather beat it to death on a project like this then get some big iron that is made for some serious dirt moving.
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    Once again I think the man is looking to use this machine after he digs this pond. He wants something that he can use later for his business. For that reason is a skid and a truck are more practical even if they take a little longer to do the job, it doesn't sound like he has a very strict timetable at this point either.
    But yes a tractor and scraper pans would be a common way to dig a pond or a lake most times I agree with you on that.
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    Hey my neighbor dug a 3/4 acre pond with an old international gas tractor and a box blade.:weightlifter:
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    :dizzy: :eek:

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