digging a pond

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by cutbetterthanyou, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. swim

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    Some more pictures for everyone.

    pond 039.jpg

    pond 042.jpg
  2. hvy 1ton

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    I vote for a track loader-as in hi-lift- not a ctl. There is nothing more versatile than a track loader especially when talking about hydro machines. You will be able to hog dirt out instead of having to load and haul with an excavator. Either get an older clutch/brake machine(not a 939) or spend a little more money and get a 943 or 953. I personally like the B series over the C series for simplicity and ease of service.

    The other buy option would be a D5 or D6 B-D series. Picking up some implements can increase the use of your dozer. A dolly scraper and disk are will add to your capabilities if you want to pick up work. It will be hard to find any machines in true working condition for ~10K. Your either gonna have to be patient or willing to work on your machine. 15-18K will get you a better machine a lot quicker and if you don't know much about these machines find somebody who does.

    If i was gonna rent a machine i would go with a D6 hitrak with s-blade and slot push the pond out. No ridiculous rent, fuel or mob costs, but will still work fast enough to keep the number of days of rent down.
  3. Bleed Green

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    Looks good.
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    Actually a 613 scrapper is one of the easyiest machines to opperate. A rookie can get on it and move dirt. All u have a three levers and a steering wheel, how hard is that? I put my truck drivers on our scrappers when i am short opperators, they have no problem moveing dirt. A track loader is much more difficult to opperate. I would know i own bolth pieces of equipment. I can take my 613 and my 289 to clean up the banks of the pond and finish a hole like that in no time. I do it all the time.
  5. deerewashed

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    311 with a dozer blade and a wide bucket...
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    Get all the keyboard hero's a shovel each, job done, just buy beer and pizza:laugh:

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    Have some fun and use
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    I don't have a link to the story, but somebody really did that. Put all the explosives he could find(dynamite, anfo, ect) in a swamp and blew it up.
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    Hey im down there is no work here right now. LOL I am kinda bored actually.
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    I can afford beer, pizzas and a few shovels. Come on down here an shovel away. I'll drink and eat, but i ain't help'n.:drinkup::dizzy::drinkup:

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