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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by wmtom, Sep 20, 2006.

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    Using a Cat 307 or 304 mini excavator how long on average should it take to dig a standard pool being 17x32 4 to 8ft deep. The ground here in NW Florida is mostly sandy and the water table can be reached in some places at 6ft. I am looking talking with some of the pool company's in the area about digging there pools. Just curious about how and what some of y'all charge to dig a pool.

    Mike Thomas
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    30% of my business has become digging pools. It is not necessarily the digging of the pool, but where and how is the material excavated going to be taken care of.
    I use a 36" bucket with a butter-blade, show up with my own laser level and a good stick man/shovel man. Most of the pools we are digging are 20'X40'. On average it takes a day....sometimes less, but I always figure a full day.
    One of the "selling points" for my service (which gets me repeat business) is we leave the job site super clean.....whether we get paid for it or not...the street is swept/washed down, the site is trashless (whether it was our trash or not), any tools/materials/form boards/etc. are left in neat order, any sidewalks, walkways, patios, etc. are swept and washed down.....in essence, the client is left with a good feeling and a safe/organized/clean site. Like I say, we do this whether we are on the clock or not, it is just our style.....
    Bottom line is, now these pool contractors use us because the homeowners "talk" and now expect this at every job. Raise the bar! This is one method we use to get repeat business.....and it is working.
    What do we charge? Transport fee. Hoe/labor (8hr day). 10% on any out of pocket expense (trucks, dump fees). We are COD at end of day. On some jobs, we resell the dirt before we even ex it out and that is ours....sometimes we cut out the sod and resell that too.....with the sod money, we throw that into a kitty and buy pizza for the pool guys and our crew.....After awhile, it is not just the money that matters to these guys, but consistant on-time performance that builds a strong trusting relationship.....

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