digging an inlet to a lake: what do i use

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Side Job Eddie, Nov 22, 2005.

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    Hi guys. I am new to lawnsite.com and Ihave a couple of questions regarding an upcoming job. I am a ministry student and work weekends and such to generate extra income. I have a customer that I have had for a few yrs now and he lives on a small lake. his yard has a natural valley in it in the back that leads to the lake. He wants to dig out the low area thus letting the lake flow into it so he can tie up a small row boat or something of that nature. The area is about 16' wide and 50' long. I would estimate that about 3-4 feet of soil would need to be removed. I am somewhat expierienced with a bobcat, but I am not sure what to use to dig it out. I am thinking a Mini-ex, but I am curious how long it would take. It would have a 16" bucket on it.

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    I would consider renting a full size back hoe, and even then you might not have enough of a reach to get the full 16 feet. remember you don't want to plant the feet too close to the shore line, as when the water comes in the ground will get soft.

    the other question you have to ask, what are you going to do with 110 yards of spoils?

    you could cut the inlet, and then make a small protective cove, rather than haul it away...

    Sounds like a fun project, take some good before and after pics...I'd also be careful the the DEQ (department of Environmental quality) guys might not like you screwing around with the ecosystem around the lake....
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    THanks for the reply. I have considered diggin the inlet from the land side to the water, and then it would leave a small earthen dam to dig out but I dont know if this would work. I will look into the backhoe idea, and I am considering an extandahoe. I am using the excess soil to fill in and re design the yard. he had an old heating oil tank removed and new utilities installed so there are a lot of low spots and trenches that could be filled. What ever I dont use I was going to put into a roll off and haul it away.
  4. Grassmechanic

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    You will need permits if this is a lake that others have ripairian rights to (i.e. possible Corps of Engineers, soil removal, DEQ, local govts.).
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    You need an Excavator, your moving a lot of soil. a mini ex or a back hoe will do it but time wise your probably better off subbing the dig out to a guy with an excavator that can hog out the soil and get it away from the new canal and water.

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