Digging caliper trees

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kris, Nov 3, 2001.

  1. kris

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    I put this is the off topic because it has no real info and is just a question out of curiosity.

    How many of you have dug caliper trees by hand?
    This came up in the shop last night during pizza and beer at the end of the week BS session.
    When I told my stories of being in the field around 1979 digging trees by hand the young guys were just amazed ...this came up after they were complaing about sore hands after having to tie up the wire baskets on the tree farm.
    Sooooo ... how about it... anyone else share this painful memory:p
  2. Lanelle

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    Haven't had to do much of this personally however there is an occasional tree that has to be dug and replanted. I have seen demonstations of the technique called drum lacing. Wondered if that is part of your memory?
  3. dan deutekom

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    about once or twice a year I end up digging and ball and burlaping a tree so that it can be moved. I remember as a kid working at a wholesale nursery where we had to dig and ball 6' Mount Battens. One of my most painfull horticultural memories.:cry:
  4. kris

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    Yes ... although I never remembered what we called it, I am sure Drum lacing was what it was.
    After the ball had been dug, shaped and burlapped, it was laced for additional support. It involved using rope to "tie" or wrap the root ball to the tree.


    Ohhhhh those prickly mount battens! I have never seen one out here. I did plant a hedge out of them for my father in Peterborough, Ontario about 20 years ago. It came in beautiful and to my knowledge is still going strong..AND BIG!
  5. diginahole

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    I hand dig quite a few trees a year for relocation, as far as any of my customers are concerned Mountbattens cannot be succesfully moved at any time of the year. I hate Mountbattens give me skyrockets anyday.

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