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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Ronald Stone, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Ronald Stone

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    Don’t really know how else to say it. Didnt want to hire a digital marketing guy but my son talked me into it.

    He was based in Oregon and said he specialized in helping landscapers with their digital marketing. When I asked why he said it was because he had worked as a landscaper for 4 years through college. I poked around a bit and he was familiar with drip and maintenance so I gave it a shot.

    I wanted more lawn care clients so that is what I told him to target. He said he couldnt guarantee anything but felt like lawn care services was a good thing to target. so we did.

    Brought in roughly 24 new clients for us in a month.

  2. EverGrow Marketing

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    That's awesome! Glad he's working out for you!

    Is he running a Display or Retargeting campaign? That click-through-rate is awfully low (0.476%).

    And as long as you're satisfied with a CPA (cost per acquisition) of $77.84 then keep it rollin'!
  3. AlohaMowing

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    Do I understand correctly that you paid $3,790 and in return got 24 new clients? I could not afford that kind of success.
  4. EverGrow Marketing

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    From the context we have, we really don't know what those leads turned out to be. That's $77.84/lead.

    Granted it's more than a HomeAdvisor lead, you've got to keep in mind the Lifetime Value of a customer.

    You pay $77.84/ea for 51 leads and sell roughly half of those with 24 new clients. Your cost per client is now $157.92.

    If these are weekly mowing clients or even fert program clients and they resulted in a positive ROI for the remainder of the season, then that's definitely a win.

    If these were all larger landscaping jobs, then it's a huge win. The Lifetime Value just often gets overlooked when looking at your CPA.

    But I definitely feel there is room for improvement on the ad campaign.
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  5. PKLIP

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    I would monitor the campaign over the next few months and want to see that CPA ($157) drop steadily. $157 is a lot for a client, granted it all depends on the service. But for lawn care and mowing, IMHO that number should be closer to $50. I can't speak for your market though.

    Is he running multiple versions of ads? If he is you should see the CTR increase as well.
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  6. PKLIP

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    You should also look at the conversion rate- 331 clicks to 51 leads, which is about 15% which is pretty low. That could be a function of a poor site or landing page, or low keyword/ad relevance. Is the traffic going to your homepage of a landing page?
  7. EverGrow Marketing

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    CPA in terms of campaign performance is actually $77 (51 leads).

    The number of sales closed isn't a good metric to determine campaign performance
  8. PKLIP

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  9. Eddieb18

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    Who did you use for the work?

  10. Charles Quinones

    Charles Quinones LawnSite Member
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    That’s great! Is he working on your SEO too or just Adword campaigns?

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