dilema w a mulch job- HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by LawnPatrolNY, Jul 12, 2012.

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    You can't allow the h.o. to add even small projects to the job after the bid has been agreed upon...
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    Willing to take short cuts and be sloppy here makes us wonder how this carries over into other areas of your life.

    Everything one does should be as if you had to sign your named to it.

    Who wants to people to say who did that work and ran?

    Too hard to take pride in all manners reflects how it is too hard for you to use spell check.
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    Using proper grammer should just be second nature, it shouldn't take extra effort. I know we're not in a formal environment here, but geez, some of you guys are just wayyyyy off. Age has nothing to do with anything!
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    I know what your trying to do here however, with the attitude your carrying you will not go anywhere in this business. Your right you only have three yards but as another member stated what happens when you break a window or a door and the 60 dollars you make a week off of your three accounts is lost because it goes to replace a new door??? The other thing is and I know your a newb, your obviously clueless to pricing (which I understand) after years I can still royally **** up a price. However until you get Liscensed, insured, and paying taxes you will never know your true cost. Until you know your true cost you will be working for free at this point it would be better to go and work at burger king (alot less stress trust me). Dont believe me? Thats how this thread was started. I do a good amount of work a year and the one thing you need to understand is time and material is good for 2 situations. The first being a job were you are doing multiple jobs within that job and are on site for a long time. For instance we have a house that I have been there since march 31 of this year. We will be finishing this upcoming week. This is great because this job fills in any spare time in my scheduale. the other time, time and material is good is if you have no clue how to price a job. I usually get per yard of mulch 80-90 dollars ( I aim for that) anything else is extra. Bush trimming, weeding, pruning ex ex. Also if you only have 3 accounts and are only doing a "few" yards of mulch there is no reason to have a helper. I just did a 50 yard job and there were only 3-4 guys on that for a few days.
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    thank you to everyone who gave me advice, even the ones who non-stop bash me about every little thing. so to clear things up and give an update ...

    my pride of work has nothing to do how i type

    extra projects that get added on dont scare me , just as long as the homeowner knows " hey this is going to be extra"

    cleaning the beds and laying mulch... there was a comment about how long it took me ... yes the beds were a disaster, they were completly overgrown and i had to tear it all out , edge it all up , then lay the mulch... maybe to some it took awhile but i had a time sheet of how long i planned for everything to take when i first started and i was actully ahead of schedule so i was happy

    i am no where near most of the people on this site are w my business . my customers are happy and i am as well , i think a little more time in the estimate is well learned here.

    i have finished this project and the customer is very very happy, i can see future work for him eventully, just have to make sure like i said to take the time ofr the estimate and plan it out then give the quote, im sure ill be on here asking how much i should charge for something one day .

    thanks again everyone

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