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    Well I have an interesting problem. There is a local company with a very similar name and very similar logo to mine. They have been doing installs, partial installs where owner finishes, service/maintenance, and design (I believe). I have gotten a few service calls for their customers, and I know for a fact they have serviced some of my customers as well. I have actually sent a few of these calls back to them, telling the customer to give them a call instead since they had been happy with their service. I have never met any of the folks from this company.

    Now comes the problem. They have just opened (or are in the process of opening) a residential supply store at a major intersection in town. I have already had 3 customers ask how my new store was doing or if it was mine. They have a sign up out front, and even Tom called me last night mentioning how similar our logos are. I am pretty sure I have been in business longer than these folks, and have had the logo since 2000 I believe. Maybe longer. I am concerned that I will lose some business because of the similarities.

    I have been contemplating contacting them and explaining my concerns. Not really looking for any real solution or compensation (yet). I know there could be legal issues I could fight over, but that will get expensive (although I haven't ruled it out). But I had also heard from another company, that one of the service techs from this similar company had applied for a job because this company was going to stop doing service work and he was out of a job.

    It is really starting to eat at me, which is why I'm up at 1:55 writing this. Any thoughts or similar stories? I don't want to be petty and whiny about it, but I want to protect my business and not lose existing customers to them. Heck, if they are a LawnSite member and are reading this, please contact me about this.
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    It sounds like you've already given considerable thought to what you're options may be in this situation ... just pray about it and be guided accordingly !!
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    Maybe a letter to your customers with billing explaining the situation would help.Also make sure all your controllers have a service sticker .

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    Are you happy with your logo? Little expensive but done over time maybe a logo change. Something that sticks out separating you two.
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    Just how similar is their name to yours? Did you register the use of your name? That would give you a very strong leg to stand on.
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    Very similar. Yes I registered it. and we are both incorporated.
  7. DanaMac

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    Logo could be changed. But I guess I feel I shouldn't have to.

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    Speaking of which. I went to get a copy of my dba and discovered it needs to be registered every ten years. Somebody could have taken my company name since I had not registered it for 15 years. May be a TX thing.
  9. DanaMac

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    My company name is Sprinklers Etc., Inc.

    Take out one three letter word, and there you have it.

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    Gets to the age old question. Are we trying to win or solve a problem? I doubt they will make any changes. Let's try to get in their mind set. What they see from the logo similarities is more advertising for their retail location. They seem to have figured a way to capitalize on the logo similarity. Just a guess.

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