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    I am in the middle of installing some new edging to replace the broken scalloped edging at a condo complex that I maintain.
    The dilemma is this, I have to do paver's around these two mailbox areas.
    There is a 4' x 4' concrete slab anchoring in these large mailboxes that I want to put paver's on top of. In order for the paver's to be as high as the new edging I would have to raise the base approximately 2 inches. Can I put Poly sand on top of the slab or should I just re-cement the slab to get the desired height?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would pour 1"- 1.5" of new concrete, then screed out sand ontop of that to get your desired height. Build up the existing areas with base material to the cement height, then the same with the sand. :)

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