Dillon's Lawn Care Photo Thread!!!!! LOTS OF PHOTOS!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by DillonsLawnCare, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. oakwdman

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    I drive 3 hours to school and back every week. And I'm hoping to have +/- 30 accounts this year. Granted they will be anywhere from 1/4-1 acre (not sure what size your accounts are). Investing in the right equipment is the only way to do it. And I have a gf of over a year now, and still get to party in college, Livin the life baby! :walking::drinkup:
  2. S man

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    Thanks man. I sure love your scag but I can't use a 52", I would like to get the 48" with a 23 kohler.
  3. mooseman

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    heeey, 1993lx172 ic you go to western kentucky. I am really good friends with a professor there, are you by chance in any of the agriculture dept?
  4. LouisianaLawnboy

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    I'm in college. I'm taking 13 hours now, but in the fall I'm taking 20 hours of hard courses so I'll see how that goes. As for right now, it is manageable. I'm going for a double major in Civil Engineering/Computer Science.

    Good job. Getting the right equipment to complete the job is key to your success. I have 2 ZTRs and need them both.

    P.S. put some 20s on that truck.
  5. 1993lx172

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    Nope, I'm going for a degree in architecture (looking into residential drafting). I have thought about a minor in turf grass management but I think surveying might be a better choice. If I have room for some electives I will look into some of the turf management classes. AMS Department RULES!!!!


    My last class on Friday gets out about 12:30 and I try to be on the road by one so I don't pull into my driveway until about 2:30-3:00 depending on how bad traffic is going through Nashville. I would like to add a ZTR to my line up (my Deere dealer has given me some very nice numbers that have hurt physically to turn down) but where I live I just don't have the room (even for another Lx series like mine). Plus the numbers my dealer has given me equal almost exactly the cost of a semester, on top of that I just don't have the number of yards to justify the cost. If I had 12 again like I did in 08' then I would pull the trigger on one but with just five what I've got fits my needs.

    The old 172 may be slow but it leaves a cut to rival some of the commercial units you all use. And in the 19 years since it came off the line and the 17 since we bought it new, it has more than payed for itself. It has only been to the shop three times in its life and other than a few minor parts it is the most reliable piece of equipment I have ever ran. I'd put a new motor in it before I'd consider buying another mower.

    You gotta remember, I'm not going to be in the industry much longer. It just doesn't make sense for me to drop a large amount of money on stuff that will only see another three or four years of use on about five half acre lots.
  6. beargins

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    Nice photos Dillon, keep it up.
  7. TandM

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    DIllon everything looks awesome! I wish I was as far along as you. I only have 15 yards right now but im workin on it. Nothing cuts like a scag!! Im glad you got one finally!
  8. jaybow

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    Hey how well do you like the old scag, I just bought one just like it. I gotta put an engine on though. Im thinking of putting either the 17hp Kawasaki or an 18hp Briggs Vanguard. How good does the 17 Kawasaki do on it? It looks like it stripes pretty well. How well does it do in wet grass? Thanks.
  9. bobcat48

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    Looks great.nice work and setup.Best of luck to you this Year.
  10. newjerseylandscaping

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    Good luck this year.

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