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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Dillon, and I am 23. I'm not really new to Lawnsite. I've been watching and reading for a while. So, I guess I should start with a bio:

    When I was 12 my father bought me a Toro and an Echo trimmer, and said, "If you want a car by the time you're 16, you'd better get to it." That's probably one of the greatest things my old man has ever done for me. After alot of fliers walking the neighborhood, I was able to buy a 1998 GMC V8 regular cab short-wide with 35k miles in the year 2000 (I was 15) for $14k. I continued to mow, but started waiting tables in the same year.

    After graduating high school I kind of went wild. I quite mowing. Worked on and off waiting tables and went to college with about the same consistency.

    Many life lessons later, I started going to school, waiting tables, and helping my father renovate houses vigorously. Shortly after pulling my head out of you know where my long time girlfriend became pregnant. Nine months later she had the greatest little boy any man could ask for (I know, all parents feel that way). That same year I got my associates degree in business and we moved into the house we live in now. There was a crew that had been mowing the house the previous year, and automatically started mowing in the spring. After paying $25 a pop a couple of times for the poorest work I've ever seen, I had an epiphany. If people are getting away with that kind of work, there must be room for one more landscaping company.

    So, I spent a little bit of money on a few walk behind mowers, a trimmer, and a blower. I grew quickly as the word spread, and was mowing 30+ lawns a week by myself by the end of the summer. Over that time I acquired a few more mowers and many other tools as needed. My garage became my dream workspace in just one year.

    This will be my second season trying to take a serious shot at this, and want to grow as fast as I can. I'm still going to school and working towards a bachelors in business entrepreneurship. I still wait tables at the restaurant where my girlfriend is the Asst. Manager as needed, but hope to end that by next winter to focus on mowing, landscaping, tree trimming, and minor household repairs. There's not a whole lot that I can't do around a property at this point.

    So, that's me. I have looked to this site for guidance for quite some time now, and hope to learn more and possibly even contribute a little bit.

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    Sounds like your father was/is a smart man, thats pretty impressive to be driving praticly a new vehical at 16. I wish you the best and by the looks of it you have a good head on your shoulders best wishes

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    Sounds like you're doing pretty well for yourself...good luck in '09 and welcome to Lawnsite.

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