Dimension and New Fescue Seed


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i was talking to a friend the other day about spring seeding and he was saying something about he uses Dimension because it doesn't mess with Fescue seed...does anything about that make sense? we didn't talk about it in much detail so i'm not exactly sure what he was talking about...


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wait as long as you can, and put it down the max rate and you can do alright, and i have seen plenty of grass seed take fine with dimension applied accidentally so............


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I had a thread talking about this and this is what is on the label and it says. "For newly established lawns, initial application should be made only after turfgrasses have developed a vigorous root system, uniform stand, and received at least two mowings following seeding. EXCEPTION: In newly established lawns of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and/or tall fescue this product can be applied two weeks after the first sign of germination." This is the Hi-yield turf & ornamental weed and grass stopper containing Dimension.
Tenacity can be used up to and on the day of seeding, but you have to wait several weeks after seedling emergence to apply it in a post application. SquareOne can be used 1 day before seeding and as soon as 7 days after seedling emergence. SquareOne will help control crabgrass and small broadleaf weeds so new turf can get off to a healthy start. I think what you use should depend on what weeds you are trying to target (I assume crabgrass, since you initially referred to Dimension).