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    Let me start by saying "YES I HAVE A LIC". So now you do not have to ask.
    I want to try Dimension WSP for the first time. Need help with rate to apply and how long it will give me coverage. I have called 3 different Lescos and got 3 different answers. 1st. said 20 oz per acre for 4 mth coverage.
    2nd said 12 oz per acre for 4 mth coverage. 3rd said low rate .46oz and high rate 1.375oz per acre and did not know how long coverage would be. And the label says .95 lbs per acre or 3 pouches.:confused::confused::confused:
    I guess I am wanting some input from guys that use the product and not just sell it. I also found on the Helena site 6 pouches"30 oz per acre"

    Please Help:dizzy::dizzy:
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    Are you looking for a single shot or split app? Dimension allows you too choose a program based on your needs. Being in Texas and not on the coast the label will give you 3 options for your application depending on turf maintenance height and active ingredient longevity. Keep in mind the product only works if the turf is in decent condition. You have a property that is thin and patchie, you will get thin and patchie results.

    Program 1: 3 pouches to the acre = .38 ai/per acre = 3-5 months control
    Program 2: 2+2 pouches to the acre 5-6 weeks apart = 4-6 months control
    Program 3: 2.5+2.5 pouches to the acre 5-6 weeks apart = 4-6 months cntrl

    You can never apply more than 4 pouches .50 ai at any given time and no more than 1.5 lb ai in a given year using split app or additional applications. All the results will vary depending on turf maintenance height (mowing cut height) lower the cut higher the ai.

    easy rule to remember 1 pouch = .125 ai/per acre. All the answers you received were right, it all depended on how you phrased your question to Lesco.

    You can also tank mix with fert, Iron, or herbicide but always do a jar tets for compatibility.

    All the above can be found on the label and remember what will work on one property might not give you the desired results on another.

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