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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mac43rn, Mar 21, 2003.

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    I thought I had everything figured out. I am going to apply 19-3-6 with .13 dimension at half rate (my idea of split applications). Then I spoke with a gentleman from Purdue Ag and he said, NO, NO, NO. I am located in the lovely transition zone and have irrigation. He said due to the rains we get in the spring, I should apply dimension at .25 ai twice, for a total of .50 for the year. Is this correct? I don't think it is, but figured I could get some help here.

  2. mac43m,
    gave more info than most, BUT WHAT IS HALF RATE?

    how many lbs/m of 19-3-6 with .13% dimension are going to apply / application?

    How dense is the turf?
    What kind of crab/goose pressure do you expect?
    How long of control do you want?
    Using this fert, do you want this much n in spring and summer?
    Might want to consider low n and high sulfate of potash fert instead.
    Hope 19-3-6 has high % csrn!!!

    Purdue ag MIGHT be on target, especially if poor turf density and high crab/goose pressure.
  3. mac43rn

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    How dense is the turf? above average to excellent, few thin spots but 90% of lawn is very dense turf but will aerate in spring and again on second application. We have to the soil is very compacted. One of the reason for split apps

    What kind of crab/goose pressure do you expect? Seems to be a stong area for crabgrass, I would expect some strong pressue

    How long of control do you want? Til Sept 1. We aerate and overseed if needed on this date.

    Using this fert, do you want this much n in spring and summer?

    Sorry about that, I rushed in to type adn decided on the 5 -5-20 with .13 from lebanon and the Lesco 13-2-5 with .13. 5-5-20 would go down at 4.4lbs/M and the same for the 13-2-5. I always assumed the 13-2-5 would go down at 2.2 lbs/M and supply .28lbs/M of N and .125 Ai of dimension. Would like to know what everyone else does for dimension split applications.
  4. What kind of presure you expect?
    Factors are turf density and how much crab/goose in past years?
    good turf density, less pressure
    Low crab/goose in past years, less pressure

    5-5-20 .13 applied at 4.4 lbs = .25 ai/a .22n .22p .88k
    13-2-5 .13 applied at 2.2 lbs = .125ai/a .286 .04p .11k

    I think in your situation thats enough dimension, but I would double check purdue ag

    If applying on cool season turf, I would apply 5-5-20 on 2nd app., hope it's sulfate of potash.

    Another thought, research done some time ago found out aerification DIDN'T break pre emerge barrier!!!

    spent 5 years in danville, IL

    I personelly haven't used dimension!!!

    Remember, all pre emerge but ONE root prunes, so use the least amount possible!!!
  5. mac43rn

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    so you recommend only 1/2# N until fall. We always put down 3/4 #N in our second application. If not they never make it through the summer. I usually try to use Purdue University Ag program.

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    Look on the label and read the coastal plan. 19-3-6 3.82lb/k should be applied in Feb & 13-2-5 in mid April works great in the transition zone on fescue.
  7. Kirbsylawn, that's too early for evansville, In. Use SOIL TEMP!!
    It was great you read ed the label!!!

    mac43rn I didn't recommend .5 lbsn/m, you assumed that.

    That was my recommendation using the two pre emerge you listed!

    I generally recommend 1/3 n in spring, and 2/3 nitrogen in fall. This is a general recommendation and the general law for my basic fert program! I should clarify, this recommendation is for cool season turf.

    Would have a different recommendation for warm season turf!!!

    1st decide how much ai/acre you need, 2nd, now much n you want to apply, 3rd, decide one or split applications, 4th, determine what products your supplier has that fit yout needs!
    I did spent 5 yrs near you growing cool seaon turf, and another 7 years growing both in transition zone.

    Purdue, 1st spring app begins 5/15, I know that must be 4 to 6 wks too late for pre emerge!

    Help you more if I had your basic program
    dates of app ex 5/2/03
    product with type of crn and % crn 13-5-20 scu 3% crn
    ai of any herbicide .13% dimension
    lbs/m product applied 22.5lbs/m

    pm or email me info
  8. lordohturf

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    One important factor for doing split applications of any preemergent at reduced rates is particle size. If you are
    using standard fertilizer particles at reduced rates, you may not
    be getting enough particles per ft. to offer effective weed prevention, even if you have the desired rate correct!

    You may consider going to a mini particle size. If we have a normal
    season ( who knows what that is? ) then you may get by with
    split apps of .25# ai/ acre in Evansville. I would suggest
    doing a Mid March/ Late April to Early May Split with Dimension.

    A little earlier on the second with other products.
  9. mac43rn

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    so are you suggesting .25 ai now and .25 ai in early May. Or are you suggestion .25ai for total of the year?
  10. lordohturf

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    I don't have the label handy, but I believe in high cut turf in
    the Transition Zone .25 # ai per acre per season is the minimum recommended rate. It won't hurt (except in the pocket) to go
    up to .50# ai/ acre Or as my father always said,


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