Dingo 525 vs. Bobcat MT55

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Summit L & D, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Lawnworks

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    I like the fact that the dingo has the optional ride plate... gives me the choice of walking or riding.
  2. LB1234

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    demo a dingo with the wide track...believe it or not it is hands down better on turf that the narrow...and any of the others machines I have tested. Altough at the time I only tested the bobcat and the ditchwitch.

    I have the 425...525 wasn't out yet:cry::cry::cry: The only diesels available are were the wheeled models. We do a lot of mulch in the spring on existing landscapes/turf and I kid you not after a day sometimes two (depending on conditions) you would even know we where there.

    It has got plenty of power. We have the cultivator, high torque auger w/bits & cement mixer, 3in1 tool, dozer blade, light material & standard buckets, and the forks. I've estimated with me on the machine its equivalent to 3 laborers. The greatest part about it is the controls...absolutely simple and easy to use...which helps if you have employees. ANYONE can learn to use the machine and be semi-efficient with it after about an hour of using it.
  3. bobw

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    Another Ditch Witch SK user here.... I can't imagine not having a decent operator platform; being able to ride allows you to go much faster at a lot of things. The M55s that I've seen had a dopey wheeled platform; seems very bad for rough terrain.
  4. Summit L & D

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    After having run the MT55 for the past week now, I can say, hands down, that I love the hand controls.

    I like the way that the platform hinges, but it is a pain to take on and off when you are working in loose soil. I will be trying the MT52 next week. We'll see how that one handles.
  5. moo900

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    Drive forward while at the same time raise the loader arm and curl the bucket. Let me know what happens.
  6. jrdean62

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    Somebody knows the benefit of the extra hydraulic pump
  7. Forkster

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    you seem concern a lot about platform and you should know that they are other platform manufacturers than Bobcat, Toro...
  8. Lawnworks

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    Yeah a $500 piece of crap. I just love my platform.... just remember never to back into a tree or you will have to get the grinder out and cut 25% of the platform off so it won't turn into a sod cutter.
  9. CHE3TAH

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    Please consider a demo of a Ditch Witch SK650.


    A few quick things to note during your demo of a SK650 compared to other brands you are considering:

    Hinge Pin height: 81"

    Power Plant: Kubota Diesel TURBO!

    Maintenance: Grease points - zero!

    Ground Speed: 4 mph Forward & REVERSE

    Operator Platform: Fixed stand on platform

    Controls: Pilot operated (Hydraulic charge stroking the pumps, not rods and mechanical mechanisms requiring ongoing maintenance) also results in less fatigue after of full day of operation
  10. syzer

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