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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JS Landscaping, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. JS Landscaping

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    Looking at getting a mini-skid for this comming season within the next month before things go full swing....been looking at the Dingo 525, with the diesel....anyone have any experience with it? I have rented the 425 last season from united rentals and what an amazing tool that was. I like the fact that the 525 is diesel powered for economy and torque...seems like its a great machine.....any imput is greatly apreciated...what do you guys think? Mainly going to be using it for moving material such as topsoil, hardscape bases and sub base materials. Possibly thinking about the power rake to use on smaller ground prep jobs where a full size skid would be over kill. The backhoe atachment seems pretty nice as well for when you cant get a mini x into a back yard. With all those attachments that machine seems like the best thing to buy right now instead of trying to find more laborers....what do you guys think?
  2. PSUturf

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    The TX Dingos are great machines, especially if you do a lot of work in small yards or yards with gates. If you are primarily doing new construction ( lawn installs, planting large numbers of trees, boulder walls) a full size skid steer would be better. If you do a lot of add on or renovation jobs they really come in handy. My friend has a TX 420 that he uses mainly for irrigation installs with the vibe plow. He often does other landscape jobs with it: small boulder walls, tree planting, water features. It easily fits in an enclosed trailer. The track machine is much easier to use since there are basically 2 joysticks to control traction and attachments as opposed to 4 levers on the wheel model.
  3. Bigred350

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    I have a boxer and love it and the dingos are great to. We use a harley rake all the time and it does a great job. Never have used a backhoe on it yet, but I want one bad.

    One thing the I highly recomend is buying a 18 tandem axle trailer with 3500 or 5000k Axles. And build brakets to mount all you attachments to. THat way all you have to do it hook up the trailer and head off to the job site. Heres mine.



  4. YardPro

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    nice trailer setup

    you will need a heavier trailer than the 3500 or 5K...
    the unit itself weighs about 2500lbs.... then add 2K worth of attachments, plus the weight of the trailer and you're way overweight...

    i would get nothing less than a tandem 7K with brakes...

    we actually use a 14K trailer with dual brakes. i am glad i went this heavy, because we haul rolls of sod and the dingo with the trailer .... very heavy....
  5. Grn Mtn

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    there is a really nice setup for sale in the members area 28K for a 240hr 425tx with loaded trailer including backhoe, over 45K in eq, jump on it man. Its not the deisel but hey, what a savings
  6. JS Landscaping

    JS Landscaping LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the heads up on the Dingo for sale, definatly going to go check that out...I didnt realize how much they actually weigh, last year I was hauling the rented Dingo inside my enclosed landscape trailer.....its rated for 5000gvw....do you guys think that it is too much? My plan this year was to use that trailer strictly for installs, such as some of the other hardscape trailers that were posted in the Hardscape section...and it would have all the tools required for each job, inside the trailer, including the mini-skid when I get it. I liked the fact that I could put all my tools in it at night if the trailer is to stay at the jobsite over night, lock it up completly with wheel locks, and the non-cutable locks on the doors. It is already all done up with graphics. Possibly looking at getting a switch and go system, like etw has with the containers instead of a trailer....Hope to have a Cab over box truck for strictly my maintenence division this year....Thanks for the imput guys, I apreciate it! :waving:
  7. Focal Point Landscapes

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    I have demo'ed the 525 and it is the sweetest mini skid of them all , imo. It has marginally greater power and hydraulic pressure than the 425 .I have a 425 with a Dingo trailer and most common attachments - originally hauled the unit in my tandem axle enclosed trailer , but if you have more than a couple of attachments it is impractical to line them up in the order that you need them - much easier to just grab them off the rack of the open trailer. However , you probably are fine with the trailer on weight so long as you don't have a lot of other stuff in there , too. I take the dingo trailer and an enclosed as well to large jobs . Really nice to have a place to lock up the smaller equipment . Grn Mountain is right , that deal on the Dingo , trailer andattachments in the for sale section is a remarkably good deal - that unit is like new . You could sell the attachments that you don't want and take that price down even further. At any rate , good luck on your equipment search.
  8. Bigred350

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    If you can afford a 7k axle trailer then more power to you. My boxer weighs about 1800 lbs. And we found a good deal on a trailer with 3500lbs axles.

    If it was me I would not use a enclosed trailer. It may be safer cause you cam lock everything up easier, but it will be hard to load up all your attachments and everything.
  9. AintNoFun

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    i bought a 425 last year the salesman then told me they weren't coming out with a diesel, sure enough they did lol. i demoed it and it has a lil more noticable power than the gas motor. if you could get a great deal on gas go for it but they give pretty good incentives to buy new as well. hopefully gonna purchase a 525 if we can lock up a few more big planting jobs. i was more aggravated that we didnt get a diesel not cuz of the power but 90% of all our other equip. and trucks run on diesel and its such a bring always lugging straight gas around...
  10. Matt0963

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    I bought the 420 because its narrower to fit through gates, It has PLENTY of power and I have come across many situations where the 425/525 would not fit. If you are going to get a compact utility loader, make sure its compact. If you want a bigger, more powerful machine, get a skid steer. This was my reasoning. (Plus the 420 is way cheaper)

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