Dingo Diesel: seems to have fuel problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by keo1, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. keo1

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    Once it starts, after about 10 minutes it seems to choke itself for fuel and dies. Sometimes does it when put under a load with hydraulics running trencher or lifting a scoop of dirt.

    Changed filter, drained seperator and bleed, but do no see a leak anywhere.
  2. pikewillis1

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    Im a Toro Dingo Dealer/ mechanic. Your fuel injector in your Kubota engine is probably defective. There is a service bulletin out for this problem for all Toro Dingo dealers. The fuel injector is made by "Bousch" and the Dingo dealer has to contact that company for the warranty work.

    Hope this helps
  3. Horizon Lawn

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    Check the strainer or filter in bottom of fuel tank. I have 2 ztr kubota diesels and they would act like they were running out of fuel and die or just run rough i took the metal strainers off the bottom of fuel tank and havent had a prob yet. These strainers get fine particles jammed in them and shut off the fuel. It would run good some times and others it would run like crap really pissed me off with no help from dealer i figured this out on my own. So check those also
  4. Cleve

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    X2 on that.
    My Walker with the Kubota diesel did exactly the same thing. Finally looked in the bottom of the tank and saw how the small screen strainer on he drain of the tank was just about solid. My reall problem was that I couldn't take the dang thing out. I guess Walker didn't want anybody working on their fuel tanks. I did finally clean it enough working through the filler opening. Anybody know how to take the fitting out of the tank please let me know. Thanks.

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