Dingo Undercarriage Tips

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    I'm reconditioning a Dingo 420TX I bought used and during the process of repairing the undercarriage I've learned a few things that others might find helpful.

    1) Late 1990's and early 2000 420's used synthetic bottom rollers that would wear quickly and unevenly. This design has been replaced with an improved roller, made of cast iron or steel and also having better dirt and water seals. The new roller Toro part number is 106-7620. You can also save significant money by buying five rollers at a time in Toro's "TX Road Wheel Kit", part number 106-7627.



    2) It also might pay to call more than one Dingo dealer whenever getting part prices. The second dealer I called had rollers cheaper by a few bucks apiece than the first dealer quoted me.

    3) Whenever you have the tracks off, check tightness of all the hex-head bolts holding the rear sprockets together. I found several missing and several more loose on mine. You'll also probably need a puller with at least a 3/4" diameter screw to pop the sprockets loose from their tapered seats.

    - Richard



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