Dingo vs. Kubota

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GALAWNCARE, Nov 21, 2005.


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    I've been looking into buying either a Dingo or a Kubota. The dingo has 30 different attachments and is more compact to get in smaller places. I was looking at the B21 with the backhoe, which comes off and you can put other things on it. What do yall thing would be the best choice?
    I know that the dingo is cheaper but can it handle some of the same thing of the B21?
  2. hosejockey2002

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    They are totally different animals. Try renting each for a week or so and see what works better for you.

    LA LAWNS LawnSite Member
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    I got a dingo about 5 weeks ago. I will lift some heavy stuff. Send me a message if you want to hear more...LA LAWNS
  4. Jim Buessing

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    I like the Dingo. very vesatile and well built machine
  5. Wolfie's L&L

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    I'd go with the Bobcat MT55, its the same as a Dingo, maybe even a little bit tougher. We beat the heck out of it at work, and it hasn't backed down yet.

  6. Gilla Gorilla

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    If you plant on going after work at townhouses with small gates like 36"-42" wide then the Dingo is your machine. If you need to run a backhoe or bush hog then most of the time then go with a Compact tractor. If you are looking to get a auger to dig footers for fences, decks and holes up to 36" wide to plant trees in then go with the Dingo.

    There are days that I spend 6-8 hours straight on the Dingo with a couple minute brakes here and there when I sure would like to be able to sit down instead of standing up all day. But even standing up sure beats walking behind the machine all day. Needless to say I love my TX420 Dingo, I can lift half skids of flagstone on driveways and hard surfaces and transport them into yards. Also with the forks on the TX420 can lift B&B trees with up to 36" wide root balls to transport them to where they are going into the ground.

    I would say to go to each dealer and set up a demo for each machine, but first you need to figure out what you main uses are going to be for the machine that you decide to buy.

    Good luck and let us know which way you go.
  7. YardPro

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    we have the dingo tx425 and would never give it up..
    it is awesome.. i abuse the heck out of it and have 300 hrs on it since last december.... no problems at all.

    it depends on what u will be using it for....

    for us it was a no brainer.. the tx will lift well over 1000 lbs (only 500 max with the b series).
    the biggest drawback is travel speed.. the dingo is slower
  8. LB1234

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    We rent the B21 (and L35..just bigger than the 21) and Dingo often. IMHO, you'd be better off with the dingo b/c of its versatility. The 21 would excell with the bucket and backhoe...perhaps even an auger (wouldn't know, never used on the 21 or 35). Lift more, large bucket capacity (less trips), more HP, less fatigue (your sitting), high lift to get into a mason dump/dump trailer, as well as a few other things that I'm probablly overlooking.

    With that said, the dingo has too many attachments that can be taken off easily and in under a minute with only one person. We did a landscape job (two of us) in which we had the dingo w/ standard bucket, auger (9" & 36" bits) auger, cultivator, and hydr tree fork. We were able to use the bucket to transport topsoil & compost into the beds, attached the cultivator to work in the topsoil & compost into the existing soil, attached the auger and starting digging the holes for the plants, attached the forks and started grabing the trees right off the trailer and placing them in the holes, attached the bucket and starting moving mulch.

    It was easy working w/dingo b/c when operating the attachment we could see clearly over the machine...if the view was blocked by an attachement simply step to the side and take a look. The zero turn radius allowed us to get in/out of tight spaces and get realy close to the foundation, we can get into backyards w/o having to take down fences, we place 4x8 sheets of 3/4" plywood over walkways and don't have to worry about cracking/warping the walkway, we can use our single axle trailer or enclosed trailer to transport the dingo and keep the dump trailer for materials. With the 21 we would need to utilize our dumpt trailer to transport it. Sorry for the rambling and structureless post but I'm taking a break from the office work and need to get back to it.
  9. DerikL

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    I was thinking of the kubota vs. dingo question the other day. It seems like a bx23 sized tractor is similar to that of a dingo as far as lift cap. and height. One benefit would be that backhoe is part of the unit, But is is not as easy to switch attachments and if you have to get on and off all the time it could be a pain.
  10. lawn king

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    My first and perhaps only question, do they manufacture a diesel dingo?

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