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    I am starting to do small landscape jobs on a regular basis now and I am thinking about a dingo or really any brand. What would yall suggest as far as minimum hp and what brand? Tracks or not? Anybody know of any good deals?
  2. Itsgottobegreen

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    The kanga, ASL RC30, polais 300(ASL RC30 in different paint) gravely (kanga in different paint), bobcat, ditchwitch, finn,etc.

    Tracks are good. I rather have tracks. After losing my kubota tractor several times in soft ground. I plan to buy next year a ASL RC-50 and another truck. (if everything goes as planed) Its got rubber tracks, that can just go right through mud in a pond.

    If wanted a smaller compact loader. I would get a Kanga. They smoke everything else (since they came up with the idea) Diesel is a good choice. Other wise get the biggest engine you can.

    You have to justify spending $25,000 for one of these machine with a few attachments. Just to do a few jobs. I see a lot of guys sell them after a year, because A- can't afford to keep them or B-not powerful enough, and replaced with a full size skid loader. They are great for little projects and tight space.
  3. geoscaper

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    I've seen Kanga advertisements, but i've yet to see any landscape companies use them. How much are they, any feedback?
  4. Groundcover Solutions

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    We have used a dingo several times in the past. They are great peaces of equipment. We personaly used the tracked unit it worked great for all the applicactions we used it for. But if you are looking at getting into more landscaping I would start looking at a skidsteer, you will easly need larger equipment once you start getting into larger jobs. Just my 2 cents
  5. chchdingo

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    I'm from New Zealand and have three dingos running in the business, best thing I have brought in 10 years of landscaping. There are three trailer rig's each has a 4in1 bucket, post hole borer,concrete mixer, bark bucket, harley rake, leveler and grading blade. Also have a stump grinder, rotadairon,trencher and rock breaker plus a few more things. Have a look at www.dingo.ws you can see it all

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