dinitroaniline vs. triazine

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by hmartin, Dec 2, 2005.

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    Do triazine herbicides like atrazine or simazine prune roots like DNA herbicides? For the guys spraying bermuda lawns in the South, about when is the best time to apply pre-emerge for winter annuals. The reason that am asking is because I know that Simazine is widely used in my area and it works pre-emerge and post emerge on many broadleafs. So, is timing very critical? Do most of you mix in some 3-way product at the same time? Is spraying for winter annuals about the time the lawns go dormant common practice?
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    I start with it around Nov 1. This is close to the time our Bermuda starts losing color. You could spray it earlier, but it will make the turf appear dormant much faster.

    Timing is somewhat important because my main reason for using it is preventing Poa. It will also work as a post on very small Poa. The fact that it knocks out many broadleafs is an added bonus. Since I applied Barricade in the late Summer, there wasn't a huge time constraint on the Simazine application.

    Since Simazine it is not as effective on more mature Poa, you want to spray before that growth occurs. Still, the window of opportunity to spray Simazine is pretty large.

    It is advised to avoid spraying Simazine after February 1, as it can slow the process of Spring greenup.

    Should I pickup a new account in December or January, most likely spraying Simazine would be the first thing to do.
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    I also had the opinion that bermuda with Simazine applied in October seemed to appear dormant about two weeks earlier than the lawns without it, but I never heard anyone else mention that before. Thanks TurfUnlimited.

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