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Direct Mail/Bulk Mail

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O.K. I have a few questions to ask.

1. What is the difference between direct and bulk mail?

2. Can you say you want to mail them to a specific neighborhood?

3. How long does it take for them to be delivered?

4. What would the cost be for 1000 postcards?

5. What do you think is the better option for me?

Thanks for the help
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So lets use 1% response rate... 1000 cards would generate 1 phone call. So now you have a50/50 shot at getting a customer.
1% of 1000 is 10 not 1.

Lets just think about junk mail here. I hate to say it but that is what your post card is. You have but a fraction of a second to catch a potential customers attention before your post card hits the trash.

Your design is very critical and you had better be offering something very lucrative to get a second glance.

I personally think door hangers are a better way to market to an area. I have seen people take the door hangers off their doors and typically they spend a few seconds reading it. Which would you spend more time looking at something stuck to your door or a piece of junk mail? But response rates I have seen posted here on LS state about the same response rate for both.
OMG... I'M SO SORRY!! You are right. My math was off!! What an idiot I feel like now!! I still feel 1000 cards isn't really enough. At least for a one and done mailing.

Sorry for the math error.

As for your comment on door hangers. I agree with you 100%. Door hangers get a better response. And i feel you are right as to why also. At least they have to walk the hanger to the trash can. Most people get their mail, and stand over the trash can looking at it. However... you can't argue that direct mail is MUCH easier.

One more clarification... I don't really think it's the "hanger," it's the fact that it's somewhere other than the mailbox mixed in with all the other mail. You could put a postcard, flyer or anything on someones door and get probably the same response. It's exactly what you said. Let be honest, whatever you grab off your door you'll look at on your way to the trash can.
No biggy on the math error.

I have thought about hiring day labor or looking for some temporary help to post door hangers and make it less labor intensive. But I do run into home owner while hanging door hangers and I would sooner have my business represented by me than some temp help that knows nothing of your business or lawn care. Post card are a lot easier but are also a lot more expensive to distribute.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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