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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CollegeMowers, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I want to hear everyone's success/failure with direct mail. I have not seen an accurate thread on this and feel it would help us all. Please follow the following format when replying.:

    1.) How many postcards were mailed (total pieces mailed. I.e. 9K)
    2.) Median value of homes (i.e. $250K +)
    3.) How many mailings were sent (i.e. 3 mailings of 3K postcards)
    4.) What size of postcard was used (i.e. 4x6)
    5.) What was your offer (i.e. 2 FREE services, 10% off, etc...)
    6.) When did you send out each mailing (i.e. Feb 30, march 15, April 1)
    7.) How many people responded (i.e. 30 calls)
    8.) How many new accounts signed up (i.e. 4-5 new accounts)
    9.) What was the biggest single factor to your success or failure?

    This should help us all be more successful.
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    5k postcards
    Homes over $250k
    Two drops of 2500 spaced two weeks apart
    Offered 50% off first month service or 15% off pine straw or mulch
    Mailed March 15 & April 1st
    About 6 calls total
    One aeration, one small pine straw job, and two regular mow accts
    Biggest failure? Not sure...could have made more drops to same houses, but at what benefit I'll never know.

    I spent over 2k on the postcard campaign and overall it was a bust. If not for one mow acct that is still one of my best customers. There has been a little residual benefit in that the two mow accts have generated a handful of additional leads.

    Would I do it again? Mmm, not anytime soon. I'm building a website in hopes they find me, and possibly an Adwords campaign this spring. I've had two calls from the website in just a month, and we haven't even started to get ramped up yet. So that's promising.

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