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Direct mail timing

Green Feet Lawn

LawnSite Member
Rochester, NY
I have decided to do a direct mail ad throughout a zipcode. This flyer will be delivered 1 time unlike an ad that could run for weeks. Any opinions on the best time to deliver these ads? We are in Western NY and cleanups start mid Apr. and mowing beginning of May.


LawnSite Gold Member
Central Jersey
If you want decent results (1-3% callback) you will need to send those out at least 3 times between march and april. Start in March (1st/2nd week) and mail out to that zipcode every 2 weeks. you will find much better results.

I have my bulk mailing permit and have been doing diret mail advertising for years. I like to time my mailings so they arrive friday or saturday of a nice weekend when everyone starts heading outside to start tiding up from the winter. I've had it where I sent it with snow on the ground and snow forcasted and I get next to nothing in results. This is my personal responses could be a little different where your at.


LawnSite Senior Member
I'd say the first to second week of april. I'm in a similar climate and will be sending some out the second week of april.

Just keep an eye on the weather and don't do it if there is going to be snow.