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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PRGN1, Jan 6, 2005.

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    just wondering who will be using direct mail this season? better to hire out or try to do it in house? seems like alot of work.. what kind of response rate to expect ? did door hangers last year with so so results. lot of walking for few cust. thank you for your input .. for those wondering i did 5000 thinking on trying 10000 direct mail post cards or should i try a bigger campaign in the newspaper unsure
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    right now i am working on getting a direct mail campaign started in feb. and running continuously monthly and even sometimes bi-monthly during the push times when things get going good in may and june. Also going to be advertising in the local papers here as well. I do my own direct mail. Its not that hard to be able to do if you have the time just got to get it all set up and going. I went out a picked out specific neighborhoods that i wanted to target and talked with a friend of mine that is in the realestate business to get the addresses and names ( good thing to try for ur lists it was free and got an updated list of names and addresses) all i have to do now is print the labels and stuff envelopes. Im only hoping for a 1%-2% return if even that but when mailing out 2000 a month with a 1% return would gross 20 customers and would easily pay for itself during the first week of mowing, not to mention the add on services such as mulch and aerating that could be added on. Also another good place to get names and numbers is a church directory, or neighborhood directory.Oh also i am using flyers for my direct mail not post cards.
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    I hope you are that successful, but a 1% response would be excellent and you might only sell 50-75% of those. I mail 15-20k per year and usually close about .06 percent of those, it ends up costing about $100 per customer. If you are talking about mowing, you better charge allot to pay for that in a week.

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