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Direct Mailers?

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I am think of doing some direct mailers through AT&T. What do guys think of that aproach? have any of you done it before? I fiqured it beats the heck out of printing them and then hitting the pavement myself or paying one of my guys. also if i sent out my self i would have to pay postage. I think through AT&T it would average out to 1.10 per mailer. Is it worth it?:cry:
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I pay less than 25 cents per mailing for postcards with printing and postage.
fertnsquirt.... Who do you use?
I have them printed through and I have a local guy that charges me $60 per 1000 to address the cards and use his bulk mailing permit. The mailing permit is what gets you the presort standard postage rate. Your postage will be determined by how tight your mailing routes are. I mailed to like 3 or 4 zips this year and my avaerage postage was like 19 cents.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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