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Direct Mailers?

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I am think of doing some direct mailers through AT&T. What do guys think of that aproach? have any of you done it before? I fiqured it beats the heck out of printing them and then hitting the pavement myself or paying one of my guys. also if i sent out my self i would have to pay postage. I think through AT&T it would average out to 1.10 per mailer. Is it worth it?:cry:
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$1.10 is WAY too much unless you plan on mailing a book or catalog. For post cards you should be in the .40 to .50 cent range per mailer. That includes a mailing list, printing, addressing, and mailing.

Check out . They have great prices in that range. I'm going to be using them this spring.
i am also contemplating sending out postcard direct mailers, priced them at .37 each, that included, postcard, addresses, postage, everything, and that was the price when ordering 10000 I believe, I have it written down cause I was pricing the crap out of them. Good luck with whatever method you go with and heres to an awesome 2010 season!!:drinkup:
The prices I received from cactus mailing was less than .33 each. If you were interested. Granted that didn't include any design fee. But that was the price for just 5000, if you went up to 10000 it would be even less
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