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Direct Mailers?

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I am think of doing some direct mailers through AT&T. What do guys think of that aproach? have any of you done it before? I fiqured it beats the heck out of printing them and then hitting the pavement myself or paying one of my guys. also if i sent out my self i would have to pay postage. I think through AT&T it would average out to 1.10 per mailer. Is it worth it?:cry:
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i am also contemplating sending out postcard direct mailers, priced them at .37 each, that included, postcard, addresses, postage, everything, and that was the price when ordering 10000 I believe, I have it written down cause I was pricing the crap out of them. Good luck with whatever method you go with and heres to an awesome 2010 season!!:drinkup:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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