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Direct mailing to select customers, or flyers?


LawnSite Member
What would you do for this part of 2010's marketing campaign?

I want to target homes in neighborhoods I already work in, as well as upscale neighborhoods along my route.

Door Hangers on the select homes This will stand out and won't get lost in the mass junk mail people receive on a daily basis. BUT it's time consuming and tedious since the homes all sit on at least an acre.

Gather the addresses of the select homes and MAIL flyers More professional, less time consuming, and easier to send follow up mailers once the addresses are collected. BUT the flyers can easily get discarded with junkmail and blend in with the pack.

Thanks in advance!

DA Quality Lawn & YS

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Rochester, MN
I would lean towards doorhangers as opposed to a mailing. Junk mail just gets thrown out so easy. At least people have to reach out and pull your hanger off the door handle, and likely they will look at it briefly and make a quick assessment of whether you are worth their phone call or not.


LawnSite Senior Member
Your homes are much more spaced out in your area then they are in mine.

Yes, door hangers take a lot of time to put out, but they may be more cost effective.

Heres how I figured out which to do. What is your time worth? Lets just say you answer $50 per hour.

How many door hangers can you hang in an hour? (in my area i can do 60 an hour) Your area would be probably like 25.. right?

What is the cost of the door hangers? 5 cents each? So, 35 x $0.05 = $1.75 for 25 door hangers. Plus the time it took you ($50)

Total cost to hang = $51.75

How much will it cost you do mail postcards? $0.50 each? If you would have mailed those instead it would cost. $12.50

Sounds like an easy answer for your area. UNLESS you have extra time that you would not be working anyway.

Also remember that you will probably get better responses with the door hangers.