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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by causalitist, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. causalitist

    causalitist LawnSite Senior Member
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    i would like to start doing direct mailing.

    how do i get started?

    i know of some mailing services, but where do you get all the addresses from?

    what are the easiest ways to get addresses all in a nice list with names?

    where talking 10 thousands..
  2. nick-bigfootlawn

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  3. causalitist

    causalitist LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks ... do they only have monthly subscriptions? obviuosly, all i want is a giant list of names and addresses in my city that is up to date once a year in the spring ..

    do you use that site? are you able to get all the addresses you want in the spring without "signing up" for monthly crap?

    anyone else?

    i hear alot about "direct mailings" on this site, but not where to get a list of 20,000 addresses to give to the mailing service.
  4. ooo

    ooo LawnSite Member
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    You can buy a list or you can make your own and target certain streets/neighborhoods. You can go to:
    Put in the name of the street you wish to target (dont put number) and you should get a list of people on that street. Start copying the lists of names and paste in Excel. Clean up the the results in excel as you go or when done. You probably should see what format the direct mail company you are using wants it in. I use USPS to do mine. I send the self mailers but its expensive (almost 30 cents each).
  5. causalitist

    causalitist LawnSite Senior Member
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    thansk alot.. i suppose no place will be cheaper than that since no matter what you need to pay for postage.

    so do you mean you make up a list of thousands of houses, and then print the adresses on the postcards and drop them in the mail yourself? is that what you mean by "self mailer" ??
  6. causalitist

    causalitist LawnSite Senior Member
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    that site seems like i could get bout 100 adresses an hour max .. thats pretty tedious.

    any other places to buy em from? cmon, i know alot of u guys do this.
  7. Flow Control

    Flow Control LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Go to and you can buy X amount of leads that you can either pull in one day or spread them out over the year. For example I know that 100,000 leads are around 3K. I am guessing if you are only looking for 10-30K is going to be in the 500-1500 range. Then you take that list list to your mail house you have selected and have them design a postcard and merge and mail. Your mail house can probably get the list of information for you. I just did a 8K piece mailing for $2600 but I already had the list of addresses.
  8. grassmanak

    grassmanak LawnSite Senior Member
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    yea mailing are very expensive, i was looking at doing around 30K and it was going to be over 10 grand
  9. causalitist

    causalitist LawnSite Senior Member
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    ya, thanks guys, but it costs me $500 for 10,000 flyers/bags and $500 to hire people to pass em out.. thats wayyy cheaper... and the way i look at it people are more likely to throw stuff out they get in the mail.. maybe not, but it certainly isnt any better than a nice bag on their door... just many times as expensive. ...

    assuming a 1% response, it costs ~$33 to gain a customer with mailing,

    whereas with 1% response, it costs ~$10 to gain a customer with flyers, paying workers to pass em out.

    if the flyers are passed out yourself, it would be ~$5/customer

    i see no reason to direct mail. thank you guys for informing me so i could make a decision.

    if anyone else has input lets have it :)
  10. Duekster

    Duekster LawnSite Fanatic
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    Direct mailing does cost more. you should have been able to tell that by the cost of a stamp.

    Good luck in Life and thanks for wasting my time making me read this thread.

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