Direct Mailings (what are you paying?)

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by SLS2007, Feb 24, 2011.

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    I went threw a guy out of town the last 2 yrs. did a mailing about 40k cost about 12k never do that again, for this year i'm getting postcards done with plan-it graphics "they look real nice" and I'm going with a local company
  2. Golfpro21

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    you paid $40,000 wow that's a huge number to invest....that's $3.30 a piece.....did it generate much revenue
  3. willretire@40

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  4. grass-scapes

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    I believe he mailed out 40 thousand and it cost him 12 thousand...If I read it right.

    I am going with one of the companies similar to val-pack.
    I will get a flyer with coupons if I choose, full color, mailed to 50 thousand homes for somewhere in the 1300 dollar range per mailing. Some will get to multi family homes, none to businesses, but the business people have to live somewhere, right?

    When it boils right down to it, it will cost me the same as a phone book ad I had last year which brought in very little business and bunches of calls from areas out of my service range or from people looking for a job.

    This is an experiment for me this year. I will have competition from 2 other local companies that do fert apps only, no maintenance.

    First mailing will be hitting mailboxes last week in march. A tad late because I missed the first mailing which hit boxes 2 weeks ago.
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    Using a company that does direct mail specific to my area, I paid $0.04 each for a 10k piece mailing. All guaranteed (as good as that is) to owner occupied single family homes. They have a map and I can pick out which zone I'd like to hit. There are discounts for multiple zones and multiple mailings.

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    can i get this companies name?
    If they are doing post card direct mailing, printing and mailing for .04 cents per piece, that is less than 1/9th the cost of adeas.

    Where is this company out of? I will purchase 25,000 post cards from them if they can give me that price.

    hec, i will purchase 50k post cards and mail 5 times to 10k houses.

    That would be only 2,000 dollars and 10k people would see your name 5 TIMES!!!!!!
  8. grass-scapes

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    What he is doing is just like I am. it is a MAILER. Envelope with coupons and ads inside from a group of businesses that would like to send in your "zone"

    You pick where you want it, and you pay for those 10,000 single family home mailers. My cost for 50,000 homes is 3 cents per home.

    They claim that they pull out most of the multi residences and businesses as they refine their list.

    you will NEVER get direct mail at that price. These companies print in volume, mail in volume, and get good rates for doing it. Some people never see the coupon because they just throw it away as junk mail.

    Its a gamble, but im not in the phone book this year.
  9. OmahaFriendly

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    Personally, I think the Val-pak or marriage mail type solutions are a waste. Sure they're cheap but you end up in a pile of 20-50 other marketers.

    I've seen a few places in town partner with another non-competitor, preferably something related like dog waste clean-up. They split the cost of the direct mail and split the "ad space".

    Depending on if you're purchasing your own mailing list or using the mail-houses list, and depending on quantity, I'd estimate that a post-card mailing is going to cost around .27 - .36 per piece.

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