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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Branchland, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Branchland

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    Anybody used Direct Marketing? I'm looking for a resonable priced, good quality. A firm that does the post cards, can do certain zip codes and within those zip codes break it down to the house hold income. I know I can search and find some, but would like to find out from people from personal experiance with doing this and the firms they used.
  2. jsr2741

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    Save your money. I did it two years ago, sent out 10,000 post card type, very professionally done by a big company here in St. Louis. Cost me over $1500 and I got about 5 phone calls and no sign ups.
  3. walker-talker

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    Last spring I went though It cost me $2K for 5000 postcards. Thats the mailing list, print and mailed. I had them designed from another which was around $160 and they looked great. The mailing list was around $300 for 5000 names. I broke it down to zip codes, home ownership, age, property value and income. $1200 for the mailing and another $500 for the print. I have figured for that same $2K I spent, I could hit about 15,000 homes with newsletters with a full color flyer inserted.

    Point is....I think you better spend you money if you are willing to take a look at different avenues. Doorhangers is another approach that is cost effective.
  4. out east

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    As we speak I'm putting a plan together to market lawn care. What ever direct marketing system you are using it's been my experience that you have to stick with it to get real returns. I'll do six or seven drops of 25,000 flyers each between now and the spring in one area. I expect a return on the first drop of 0.5%, my expectation is that the response will improve with each drop. Frequency is just as important if not more important that volume. I know in my area the post office can provide demographic information base upon postal code.
  5. Branchland

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    I've done the door hangers in the past and have had a great response to them. I did target certain neighborhoods. More than paid for themselves and the time involved. I was just trying to think of other ways to directly get the custumer that might not be as time consuming. I do appreciate the info from everybody.
  6. Team Gopher

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    Hi Branchland,

    Maybe you can get some local students to help you distribute flyers or door hangers in the future?

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